2000 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

From Byrd/McCormack garage

Mon 5-22-2000: Jim Hurtubise's bar and lounge set up in the old garage area ca. 1974 / the beer engine in 1972 (Paul in R), 40th years since Johnny Rutherford and Jim McElreath first came to the Speedway in 1960...1960 scaffolding collapsed (connection to JR and his future wife Betty), Race and home Pacers basketball game at the same time, yellow flags on the grandstands ("P" for "Paddock"), any year with no rookies, Stark and Wetzel rookie of the year award...year's supply of free meat from the meat market, Gene Force, in-show guest Buzz Caulkins, Tom Carnegie milk/cow "show us your udders" commercial

Tue 5-23-2000: Jim Clark testing the Turbine at IMS just prior to his death, 1961 race Foyt/Sach battle, in-show guest Andy Hillenberg, Carl Fisher's grave at Crown Hill Cemetary, infield used as airstrip, possible fatal plane crashes at IMS during WWI

Wed 5-24-2000: Mel Gibson starring in an Indy 500 movie? Jim and Dick Rathmann did not adopt the names legally, Lou Moore only owner to win three straight, Tony Bettenhausen car identification question, a caller asks about a driver from the 30s - Donald's never heard of him, 1967 Parnelli Jones dropping out, where was AJ at that moment and Dan Gurney's performance that day, Al Putnam, Lou Palmer, more on Andy Hillenberg

Thu 5-25-2000: Bellanger with the Blue Crown team...opps..from Crown Point Indiana, follow up on the 1967 final lap crash, Roger McCluskey, strange question about how much money the pit crew drivers would get per tire changed, Danny Kladis, does Andy Grantelli still own any of the original Novi cars, most experienced field, Jochen Rindt/Ronnie Buckman, 1969 Brawner Hawk "illegal" radiator placement on race day

Fri 5-26-2000: Unusual cars in 1963 and 1964 (Mickey Thompson cars), Dick Simon being questioned by FBI agents for being D.B. Cooper, how USAC came to be after AAA, Bruce Keene riding mechanic from 1911, car numbers of the first four qualifiers in the 2000 race...1 9 11...plus 32 in fourth, Jim Clark approached Dave MacDonald to get out of the car in 1964? Possibility of 3 first time winners in a row, Joe Baker Engineering, ZOE on Mario Andretti's helmet, story about Patrick Racing intentionally causing turbulence by mounting the exhaust pipes on the side, Floyd Davis

2001 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

with Dave "The King" Wilson from downtown studios

Fri 5-25-2001: Lloyd Ruby's charity group, what's up with Bobby Johnny and Robby Unser, Davy Jones, Tommy Milton, The Little 500 sprint car race, Jim Hurtubise and the Mallard over the years and how fast he was running, what starting position has won the most, celebrities Donald met, pole day in 1971 (Peter Revson/Mark Donohue battle for the pole), Johnny White, Johnnie Tolan. Mention that the All-night race party will feature 1961 and 1990.

2002 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Dave "The King" Wilson. Some episodes at the WIBC studios, some at the track in the Hemelgarn garage

Thu 5-2-2002: No show due to Pacers game?

Fri 5-3-2002: Billy Vukovich II, Vita Fresh Orange juice cars, STP Turbines...again, non-Indy cars at the IMS museum, points system for the "best" driver ever, Donald's favorite driver?, history of Ferrari at Indy and Ferrari drivers, riding mechanics, story about Bobby & Al Unser as factory representatives in 1975-76 for Renault...Bobby Unser known for trashing rental cars and courtesy cars, Peter Revson

Sat 5-4-2002: Parnelli Jones after the Turbine, Bobby Unser and the Hotel Tropicana Special, Joe Langley, Pat O'Connor, changed of the schedule of the month of May, "The Steward"?, mechanics taking cars home, celebrities kissing the winner in victory lane, victory banquet, furthest back to lead the first lap, question about Sarah Fisher, Eldon Rassmussen, last name Smith, the Turbine in 1967-68...again

Sun 5-5-2002: Opening day and changes in the schedule, speeds jumping from year to year, discussion about the new SAFER Barrier, years with most/least/no bumps and qualifying attempts, Art Pollard, the 1962 race, Jones & Malley Special car mounted on top of the Safety Auto Glass Company building, how does Opening Day rate with previous opening days (most cars, etc.), Tony Bettenhausen Sr, Teddy Tetzlaff and David Bruce-Brown, closest finish

Mon 5-6-2002: The 1977 Foyt winning car (represented by multiple cars), Smokey Yunick and mechanics testing the cars on the track, the IMS Museum being expanded someday, trophy being polished, Merle Bellanger, Tom Carnegie, first year of yellow caution lights, do they use a photo to make the likeness for the trophy and other trophy discussion, Jim Hurtubise's son Andy, how did Donald get intersted in Indy

Tue 5-7-2002: Indianapolis News newspaper with headline of the winner available at the track after the race (1954-73), Dan Gurney/Jerry Grant's "The Mystery Eagle", Maxwell Special from New Castle Indiana, the 1958 start troubles and the Pat O'Connor accident...Ed Elsian and his personal troubles

Wed 5-8-2002: unknown

Thu 5-9-2002: George/Benny Benefield claimed he had the "altitude" record (crashing over the wall) at the track, Joe Gosek, Turbine car running on gasoline in 1968?, more on the Ed Elsian and the crash in 1958, Davy Jones, record number of entries, Mauri Rose the only Jewish winner?...other Jewish drivers (Eddie Sachs), scoring procedures of the first 500 and the scoring dispute (Ray Harroun/Ralph Mulford controversy), number of bricks at the start/finish line = 562.5 (62.5 bricks per row), still more about 1958

Fri 5-10-2002: Rene Le Begue and Rene Dreyfus in 1940, winning/non-winning drivers still living (too much to answer), winning engines...V-8, V-6, I-4, I-8, etc., Sam Hanks in 1957, Jack Adams turbine car from 1969 and 1970, Mauri Rose, Lloyd Ruby, follow-up...winners still living, Ray Harroun living in Findlay, Ohio, A.B. Couture driving the pace car in 1941, Felice Nazzaro, information about riding mechanic from 1911

Sat 5-11-2002: (Pole Day Time trials) Has the first driver out to qualify won the pole in previous years?, Rolla Vollstedt, starting position with the most winners (pole), has the field ever been filled to 33 cars on pole day, 1971 pace car crash, Jigger Sorois (again), last car to qualify under 200 mph, rookie pole winners, the Jim Hurtubise Bump Day incidents, Salt Walther stuck in line on Bump Day 1977 (James McElreath Jr. 'using up time' to keep him off the track and settle a hotel bill debt), most second place finishes, lowest speed rank for the pole winner (Jerry Hoyt in 1955), Johnny Rutheford's last race and his current duties, Jean Mercenac and the Novis, the new flagstand (built in 2001), the Borg-Warner Trophy and a new base coming soon

Sun 5-12-2002: Time trials

Mon 5-13-2002: More on Jewish drivers, Tony Hulman & A.J. Foyt relationship, Tony Hulman stories, Ed Crombie and Ken Hamilton (oddball cars), Sammy Swindell at Indy with the normally aspirated stockblock Pontiac in 1987, Drake V-8 engine, why they went to 3 days of time trials...instead of going back to 4 days, Tom Sneva, Scott Brayton, "T" cars, more on Brayton

Tue 5-14-2002: The 1960 race, Eddie Sachs fuel in the 1964 race (Marathon fuel)...Enco fuel was "A Tiger in Your Tank", Bruce Walkup, Greg Leffler, underrated drivers (Mario Andretti, Rex Mays, Lloyd Ruby, Dan Gurney, Hurtubise, Mosely, Gary Bettenhausen, etc.), Mario Andretti and Al Unser Sr in the Formula 5000 series, longest continuous sponsor for a car...when did they stop using the term "Special", first year for the starting command 'Gentlemen Start You Engines' (partial annswer), Jack McGrath, Parnelli Jones

Wed 5-15-2002: Tim Richmond, Kevin Cogan, Donald makes vroom noises (his very good roadster impression), co-winners in 1924 and 1941 versus other years where relief drivers were used, Dutch Bauman, Billy Carson, Louis Chevrolet car the Cornelian, Dennis Firestone, Ken Schrader in 1983

Thu 5-16-2002: Helio Castroneves visits for an interview, Gil de Ferran visits for an interview, Donald jokingly gives answers for the 'same old questions they get every time', no calls taken during the show

Fri 5-17-2002: A.J. Foyt in 1964 - oil tank removed between time trials and race day / Mario Andretti's 1969 winner with raditor moved underneath, lap leaders from 1955, Bill Vukovich's owners, last year Jim Hurtubise participated, starting positions that have not won the race, story about a riding mechanic who was involved in a fatal crash but 'woke up in the morgue' (Donald not aware of the story), previous winners of the 24 Hours of LeMans competing at Indy, Janet Guthrie & Sarah Fisher meeting, original 1952 pace car whereabouts, George Souders, winners born in Indiana, George Robson, Andy Hillenberg, Antares (Don Gates) computer designed car in 1972

Sat 5-18-2002: Time trials

Sun 5-19-2002: Time trials

Mon 5-20-2002: 1913 Mason car that was in the 1914 race by Eddie Rickenbacker loaned to the Indiana State Museum, John Andretti's best finshes (has he ever beaten the other Andretti's...yes), pole winners/fast qualifiers that have also been on the bubble, is Donald related to Jarred Davidson (no), Lee Wallard, story about Ray Harroun in 1947...recalling the story of Donald attending Harroun's funeral, connection between Carl Fish and Sarah Fisher (unknown, probably not), Clessie Cummins and the Cummins Diesel...longest test at the Speedway..Dave Evans and the 1931 Diesel effort (500 miles without a pit stop), "Back Home Again In Indiana"...the 1919 performance, 1946 pre-race ceremonies, 1955 pole day qualifying situation with Jerry Hoyt

Tue 5-21-2002:

Wed 5-22-2002:

Thu 5-23-2002:

Fri 5-24-2002:

Sat 5-25-2002: No show due to "All-Night Race Party" (the 1960 and 1971 race replays)

Sun 5-26-2002: Race day

2003 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Dave "The King" Wilson.
Broadcasting from the garages of Dryer and Reinbold Racing
Show was streamed live over the internet
E-mail questions available through "iquest Quick Connect" e-mail

Thu 5-1-2003: unknown

Fri 5-2-2003: unknown

Sat 5-3-2003: unknown

Sun 5-4-2003: No recording, Donald discussed Mario Andretti's 1969 Brawner Hawk winning car

Mon 5-5-2003: George Souders, Roscoe Sarles, regarding Honda & Toyota arriving in 2003...other years where foreign engines/manufacturers arrived at Indy (Paul), Bruce McLaren, papers to buy Speedway signed in Rockville?, more about the Brawner Hawk...wrecked at Dover?, Will Overhead, other turbines

Tue 5-6-2003: Pat Vidan, question about drivers available for 2003...due to the possible shortage of 33 cars, previous years with less than 33 cars, 1982 Indy 500 radio crew, 1964 winner restoration status, status of Bettenhausen's third place Armstrong Wildcat car from 1980, most starts before winning (Hanks, Rutherford), aerial bombs at the start of the race, Safety Patrol, Lee Brayton, more about Sam Hanks' 13 attempts, Harry Hartz

Wed 5-7-2003: Seatbelts in race cars before street cars, technical advancements on the track, more on seatbelt rules and laws, Salt Walther in 1977 trying to get in as a "ride buyer", most top ten finishes, wealthiest drivers and owners...Joel Thorne, Mark Donohue's 1972 winner in museum...and the steering wheel, what to do on pole day if it rains

Thu 5-8-2003: David Bruce-Brown and other early wealthy drivers, J.C. Agajanian/Dan Gurney arrival, Aldo Andretti, exhibition races at the Speedway during the 1970s...hosted by the Shriners, history of the sanctioning bodies...AAA/USAC/IRL, Blue Crown Specials front and rear wheel drive, years which Rex Mays set speed records, Lee Brayton...again

Fri 5-9-2003: Riding mechanics...have any also been drivers, most dominating performance without winning...Ralph DePalma, Jim Gilmore, fastest unofficial speed record, on-board pnuematic jacks, the change from two-man cars to single-seater cars, story about drivers having a difficult time getting to the track on race morning in 1960, possibility for co-drivers to win, Gentlemen start your engines starting command, military aircraft flyovers, car owner Dick Hammond, correction from previous night about most top tens...should be Al Unser, correction about the location of Aldo Andretti crash

Sat 5-10-2003: (Time Trials rained out) Ray Keech, "new" pole day rainout rules for 2003, rehash of 1989 finish, more about the aerial bombs at the start, Jimmy Snyder leading laps in 1937, Pat Bedard, Gordon Smiley, The Beatles staying at the Speedway Motel in 1964

Sun 5-11-2003: (Time Trials)

Mon 5-12-2003: Donald's ride in the IndyCar Two-Seater at the Speedway with Davey Hamilton, Dario Franchitti motorcycle accident, Scott Brayton and moving cars to the back of the grid, Fred Horey, Show cut short due to news coverage of Presidential visit, what happens if Robby Gordon is doing the "double duty" and wins Indy...will he still go to Charlotte immediately

Tue 5-13-2003: A follow-up on Wilbur Shaw and a pet lion..didn't have one...but Roscoe Turner had one, cars with political party logos...1972 Bill Daniels car with GOP elephant on the nose, John Locks riding a motorcycle in 1950s, most powerful engines...largest leap in performance, riding mechanic's duties and stories, more on riding mechanics, "500 Mile International Sweepstakes" name, gambling on the race, tobacco and alcohol sponsors, drivers in the 500 driving without limbs (prosthetic leg), rookie of the year winners that never returned to the race

Wed 5-14-2003: Black driver Joseph "Joie" Ray, Bobby Marshman, fall 1971 exhibition/vintage race at the Speedway, Eddie Russo, drop of total entries between 1911 and 1912, Hughie Hughes, leading driver in late 30s through 40s...who do you think you are "Barney Oldfield?", Paul in Racine...year with most foreign drivers by a single country

Thu 5-15-2003: Grandsons...third generation drivers...Teddy Pilette, can first day qualifiers be bumped...yes, Pat Flaherty on a TV show in 1956..."What's My Line" or "I've Got a Secret", Speedway Superintendents and Clarence Cagle's Miracle, "The 500" song by the Singing Hoosiers on record, the last name Smith, Dennis Vitolo, cars powered by kerosene

Fri 5-16-2003: Races with more than 33 cars in the field, first pace car and most "exotic" pace cars, 1963 race Parnelli Jones vs. Jim Clark under yellow light and the oil leak, Mark Dismore, can a bumped car be re-qualified...no, Indy winners winning at Dayton Speedway, 1982 Cogan crash, Gordon Johncock, people married at the Speedway, rules about fixing cars during the race...Foyt using a hammer in 1982, Indy 500 winners who have also won F1 World Championship and Daytona 500, Marmon Wasp first rear view mirror, circumstances of the 1947 field not having 33 cars

Sat 5-17-2003: (Time Trials) How to obtain autographs from some drivers, Cliff Woodbury, Boyle cars, Donald recalls a 1913 article about the race, follow up on bumped car rules, NASCAR drivers at the 500...pre-1980s, any plans to move race to Saturday...no, the Whittington Brothers, the Hurtubise beer engine car, drivers who have led all 200 laps of the race during their career, downforce and wings, more on history of wings...1971 McLaren attempt at wings 'as part of the bodywork', most exciting race since 1970...details on 1986, 1993

Sun 5-18-2003: (Time Trials)

Mon 5-19-2003: Email question-since there was no 34th-fastest qualifier, is there no alternate?, Race highlight films produced by outside companies...Dynamic Films/Championship Race Films, Chester "Chet" Gardner, Howard Wilcox, Bump Day rules...third attempt, winning seperately as a driver and an owner, first Japanese engine manufacturer to win at the Speedway...Nissan, Lindsey Hopkins...rabbit...Lightning chassis, the Jigger Sorios story...again...reluctantly, more on Lindsey Hopkins, Jackie Stewart and the Indiana State police

Tue 5-20-2003: Bud Tinglestad, Eddie Sachs in 1962-1963, Len Sutton visits the show...discussion about the 1964 Sach/MacDonald crash, more with Len Sutton, accident where scaffolding collapsed...1960, Graham Hill, how Donald got interested in racing and came to the U.S.

Wed 5-21-2003: Al Unser in 1970 race...running the whole race on one set of tires?...mandatory pit stops, Alden Sampson, Lou Welch, foreign cars from 1938-1948 (Alfa Romeo, Maserati), Speedway wing and wheel logo, 1909 balloon race

Thu 5-22-2003: (Carb Day) Jackie Stewart and the Indiana State Police story, 1959 Tony Bettenhausen and Harry Turner car, the crew that worked for the USAC News, first in line Larry Bisceglia, Eddie Sachs in the Unlimited Hydroplane circuit, Water From Wilbur...a little on milk, W.E. "Doc" Shattuc, Rollie Beal

Fri 5-23-2003: "Radio" Gardner, Doug Shierson, more on USAC News, George Souders, Carl Fisher/James Allison/Prest-O-Line connection, USAC National Champions (sprints, midgets, stock cars) in the 500, Kelly Petillo

Sat 5-24-2003: All night Race party

2004 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Dave "The King" Wilson.

5-3-2004 (Mon): Don Branson, Ed Elisian, 1971 pace car crash, Eldon Rasmussen, Roger McCluskey, Larry Foyt, 1939 race, Denny Zimmerman & Frank Fiore in 1971

5-4-2004 (Tue): Carl Williams, Jochen Rindt, Ritchie Ginther, Ronnie Buckman, trying to identify an orange wing with "Technique", Rick Muther, favorite stories Donald has that he never gets to tell, Donald's personal background and coming to America, stock with Donald and Chuck Hulse on an airplane

5-5-2004 (Wed): 1955 photo of Johnnie Thompson's dirt car, Chuck Stevenson in 1952, Roger McCluskey's championship car victories, joking about not looking stuff up on the internet, drivers (Eddie Sachs) in hydroplane boat racing, drivers who completed the full 200 laps/500 miles the most times in their career, Bentley Warren, most laps completed during the month, rookie stripes

5-6-2004 (Thu): The car under the tarp, years with less than 33 cars in the field, Donald's college class, Jimmy Daywalt, Sumar Special (wives' names), car number used by Roger Rager, Genessee Beer Wagon, photographer Johnny Island, Indy superstitions, Jones and Malley Special (the car on the roof)

5-7-2004 (Fri): did Parnelli Jones race the original 1967 Turbine car again, Parnelli Jones retirement, Beck's Drugstore, Roscoe Turner, 1941 race...Mauri Rose in Lou Moore car, Floyd Davis, other co-winners and winners that had relief help, racing stopped by the government during WWII

5-8-2004 (Sat): No show due to Pacers game?

5-9-2004 (Sun): First 200 mph laps, 1972 speed increase, Mark Donohue, years which saw rule changes to reduce speeds (1974, 1997, 2004), Larry Dickson, where did the 33 cars standard come from, Bruce Jacobi, Jim Phillippe, order of the pre-race ceremonies, first on-board pneumatic air jacks used (1959)

5-10-2004 (Mon): short show due to Pacers game...(no recording)

5-11-2004 (Tue): Follow up on previous night's question...history of information sharing betweem teammates and teams, movies that were made at the Speedway..."The Big Wheel" not actually filmed at the track, Mickey Rooney visit to the track in 1978, Bill Cummings, Rex Mays driving a Novi with Duke Nalon, Jim Hurtubise qualifying a roadster/rear-engine/roadster/rear-engine in that order (also done by Eddie Johnson), more on Hurtubise

5-12-2004 (Wed): Pacers game; very short show (no recording)

5-13-2004 (Thu): Driver bumped the most times in his career (First Alternate multiple times), the 1909 motorcycle races, possible motorcycle race at IMS, motorcycle drivers in the 500, drivers' jobs and professions outside of racing, Norm Hall, Darryl Wibel, Kim Morris, Sally Larvick (not answered), more on professions, drivers named "Dave" and "Wilson" in the race, last time the track was re-paved, history of re-paving at the track, Larry Cannon story about flipping a pace car at a dirt track, 1953 winner received a dog and case of dog food as a prize

5-14-2004 (Fri): Follow up on drivers who were First Alternate more than once, all-time list of First Alternates, birthplace of Ted Horn, birthplace of Len Ormsby, Ormsby's small prize money total, Jigger Soiros in 1969 (again), Ronnie Duman, history of the Pagoda, Roger McCluskey, feet and hand prints in concrete at the Speedway...celebrities (1940s-1950s) kissing and greeting the winner in victory lane

5-15-2004 (Sat): Pole Day; Pacers game (no recording)

5-16-2004 (Sun): Time trials (no recording)

5-17-2004 (Mon): Charlie Brockman in 1955, famous victory lane interviews, the Novis, 1950s winner still living...Jim Clark & Graham Hill still living? (no), how to get a Kenny Brack autograph, Sterling Moss

5-18-2004 (Tue): Short show due to Pacers game; Pancho Carter at the Hoosier 100, 1982 front row photo, Ralph Liguori

5-19-2004 (Wed): John Totten, evolution of caution periods/yellow flags, drivers other than Emerson Fittipaldi who did not drink the milk in victory lane (not answered...one "multiple winner"), winners with milk alergy, drivers in the Indy 500 and Daytona 500, Gordon Johncock, Eddie Cheever threw up milk?, riding mechanic Monk Jordan, brothers in the 500, Jim McGee

5-20-2004 (Thu): Follow up on brothers in the 500 and Jay Drake, aerial bombs at the start of the race, drivers waving on the pace laps, Grant King, most times starting the race without finishing (bad joke by caller...Pat Vidan), most starts with fewest laps completed (George Snider), Chet Fillip, Dan Gurney

5-21-2004 (Fri): Continuing on Dan Gurney...1964 Grand Prix of Belguim, international television coverage, golf bridge on the backstretch, buying pieces of the old Tower Terrace grandstands, the term "Specials", Donald's story with Tony Hulman/Lindsey Hopkins and a cart full of sauerkraut, was gasoline "banned" in 1965, methanol fires

5-22-2004 (Sat): Pacers game; no show? (no recording)

5-23-2004 (Sun): Bump Day (no recording)

5-24-2004 (Mon): Short show due to Pacers game (no recording)

5-25-2004 (Tue): Mark Alderson, follow up on last night about Gays Biro, old roadster displayed in North Manchester IN, random stories about Donald's afternoon, riding mechanics, Andy Hurtubise, foreign born drivers in the 500, Al Holbert, Salt Walther

5-26-2004 (Wed): Pacers game....(Community Day), chassis engine formulas/specifications over the years, last front-engined car, non-winner with the most top 10 finishes, most second place finishes without a victory, first time NASCAR stock cars tested on the track, follow up on Salt Walther and story with Tom Hamlin (Dayton sportscaster), Jigger Sirois real name (Leon Duray), Jimmy Bryan and Frenchy Sirios and the Monza 500, Bill Spoerle (Speedway Museum restoration manager)

5-27-2004 (Thu): (Carb Day) 1979 turbocharger inlet controversey, the Whittington brothers (Don, Bill, Dale), Linda Conti calls about Shorty Cantlon, minimum qualifying speeds...also 1947 qualifying situation

5-28-2004 (Fri): Short show due to Pacers game; how car numbers are chosen and assigned, Mario Andretti in 1969 not changing tires...other drivers not changing tires during the race, Lewis Strang...classic photo of Strang looking at model of Speedway

5-29-2004 (Sat): All night race Party...1947 and 1986 race

5-30-2004 (Sun): Race Day, Pacers game

8-4-2004 (Wed) Brickyard: Lee Roy Yarbrough, first time stock cars ran at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, 1961 Nichols Engineering run, Pete Hamilton, Pony Car test, A.J. Foyt stock car runs at Indy, Aldo Andretti standing in for Mario during 1969 front row photo shoot, question about NASCAR Chase for 2004..."It's ridiculous", Frankie Delroy, museum displays, Wedge Turbine on display, Rodger Ward at Milwaukee in 1959, upcoming IMS repaving project

8-6-2004 (Fri) Brickyard: IMS Museum curator Karl Keiser, brief museum history, thickness of IMS pavment, paving project, Dick Summers, Dick Summers drivers, old asphalt pavement used for Wilbur Shaw Hill soap box derby track

8-7-2004 (Sat) Brickyard: Start time for the first 500, caller who had family members who went to the first 500, Roger Mears, Josele Garza, Roger McCluskey in 1973, Parnelli Jones bleeding in 1961- rock hit his face and cut his face, A.J. Foyt/Len Sutton "door swap" story, Parnelli Jones punch story, more on the "door swap", 1967 500 Banquet - Foyt to Parnelli "cheaters never win", Freddie Agabashian as the driver expert on radio, Joe Leonard, Al Bloemker, Cannonball Baker

2005 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Dave "The King" Wilson.

5-2-2005 Riding mechanics as relief drivers, Riding mechanics as future qualifiers for the 500, History of qualifying format/procedure, Riding mechanics still living, Pat O'Connor, Jim Robbins Special

5-3-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-4-2005 Botany 500 turbine car, Percent of female drivers qualified vs. entered, Victory Banquet, Wildcat chassis, Les McTaggart/ March cars, Jimmy Jackson, Peter Revson

5-5-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-6-2005 Bob Wilke, Cliff Bergere, Salem 1955 - Pat O'Connor, Sam Posey, Freddie Agabashian and Duane Carter, Johnny Morrow

5-7-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-8-2005 Swede Savage and Art Pollard's children, Kelso Auto Dynamic Special, Studebaker at the 500, Bud Moyer, Danny Ongais, Longest gaps between starting years for drivers, Jimmy Caruthers, A.J. Watson's birthday, Ralph Liguori, Bruce Jacobi

5-9-2005 Ronnie Bucknum, Jim Hurtubise (short show due to Pacers game)

5-10-2005 1916 300 mile race, "Gentlemen Start Your Engines", Drivers' assumed names, Dorie Sweikert/ Book, Bob Sweikert, Tony Bettenhausen's three errors in judgement

5-11-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-12-2005 Cummins Diesel cars, 1909 plans for IMS road course, T-car numbers, Greg Lefler, A. E. Moss, Besement Bessie, Longest-term of all IMS track starters

5-13-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-14-2005 1958 Start, Duane Carter/Paul Russo, Safety Auto Glass Special, Dick Summers, Longest time between 500 starts for a driver, Town of Speedway Driver Signs, Lloyd Ruby nicknames, Free admission of carb day, Hurst Floor Shift Special, Charlie Brockman, Formation of Speedway Radio Network, Origin of checkered flag, Last silver car in the 500.

5-15-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-16-2005 Most laps led by a driver who never won, Andy Granatelli as a driver, Sarafov Special, Jack Turner, Lola chassis wins, A.J. Shepherd, Don Shepherd, Origin of B/W aerial photo

5-17-2005 No show due to Pacers game

5-18-2005 Rex Mays, Billy Englehart. "Sportsman drivers", Ray Crawford, STP decal on the Borg-Warner, John Totten

5-19-2005 1953 heat, Sachs/MacDonald, Winners who did not run in the full champ car series, Clyde Peakstaff, Official starters of the 500 (short show due to Pacers game)

5-20-2005 Number of times fastest qual time not the polesitter, Norman Batten/ Earl DeVore shipwreck, Chickie Hirashima, First "Gentlemen Start Your Engines", Airport at Lafayette and Georgetown Road, Dave MacDonald, Name of race other than "Indianapolis 500"?, Gene Hartley, Gene Force, Lyn St. James

5-21-2005 Female winners to date?, Barney Oldfield, Bob Harkey, Peter Revson, Race winners w/ fastest qualifying speed not on the pole, 1968 Turbines - fuel used, Last driver who was his own Chief Mechanic, Highest number of practice laps in one day, IMS collectables.

5-22-2005 unknown

5-23-2005 Past purse amounts, Hot Air balloon picture, Mel Kenyon, Jim Crawford

5-24-2005 Purse amounts/ lap prize awards, Ferrari, Rex Mays aviation career/ Chuck Stevenson, Troy Ruttman, Rookie class of 1965, James Dean at speedway?, History of golf course, Last start of an alternate

5-25-2005 Mike Mosely, 100, 150 and 200 mph records, Most relief driver appearances, Drivers who drove relief but never started the race, Qualify for a rookie?, Ray Harroun, Vince Granatelli cars, Jovy Marcello, USAC air crash

5-26-2005 Donald's favorite races?, Eddie Rickenbacker, Dick Simon (short show due to Fever game)

5-27-2005 1974 Qualifying, First ground effect cars, Don Vogler, Three series champs together in front row who were not winners, Donald's knowledge stored away?, Roger Rager, Three race winners on the track in one day, Jim Allison/ Carl Fisher, Foyt/Harroun

5-29-2005 - post race edition "Back Home Again", Museum car collection, Races finished under yellow, Danica (several topics), Most Indy starts w/o a win, Races finished under yellow, Herk beer cooler, G-forces on a small person, Purdue Band, USAC, # cars who did not pit, Pit stall assignments, New track records, Rookie winners, Unsers, Rex Mays, Miller Marine Engine, 12:00 race start, Largest winner, Race winners - # of nationalities, Jim Clark, Dan Weldon restart in 2005 race, George Robson death, Jean Marcenac, Spin & win, Big John Gillis, Jonathan Byrd car

U.S. Grand Prix week

6-15-2005 (Wed) USGP: Discussion about the pit walkabout, F1 cars under yellow, Mario Andretti's Formula One years, Mario Andretti and Bobby Unser attempting to race the Hoosier Hundred and Monza in the same weekend in 1968. Scott Speed, would races be shortened due to rising fuel costs, who pays for fuel, Michael Schumacher "slump", how to keep track of F1 cars due to the small numbers, Al Loquasto's Indy on a Shoestring entry, F1 vs. NASCAR tire wear and tire duration, Rodger Ward at Sebring in 1959 in a midget car, possibilities for Americans in F1, gas filled balloon events, aircraft presence at IMS during WWI

6-18-2005 (Fri) USGP: Enzo Ferrari, driver who has won the F1 World Championship or Indy car season championship with a single race victory, Tom Sneva's 1976 championship without any wins, 1982 San Marino Grand Prix with only 14 cars...Didier Pironi and Gilles Villeneuve, origins of Formula One and the term "Grand Prix", high tech of F1

Brickyard 400 week

8-4-2005 (Thu) Brickyard: Tom Carnegie, Bill Weber, what role manufacturers have to do with the cars and engines, Danny Sullivan at the 1994 Brickyard 400, sit down interview with Tom Carnegie, A.J. Foyt about Jeff Gordon winning the Brickyard 400 four times ("would have won many times if the race was 400 miles"), other hypothetical winners at the 400 mile-mark, the Snake Pit

8-5-2005 (Fri) Brickyard: Jeff Gordon's 4th Brickyard 400 win versus the four time Indy 500 winners...A.J. Foyt's reaction, Indy 500 "winners" at the 400 mile mark, Marshal Teague (Jerry in Delphi), A.J. Foyt's stock car career...NASCAR and USAC (Paul in WI), Mark Martin, Rusty Wallace, follow up on Wallace with Ken Schrader

8-6-2005 (Sat) Brickyard: Question about qualifying results, first seatbelts and seatbelt rules at Indy, the Wood Brothers at Indy in 1965, 2005 U.S. Grand Prix tire debacle and the fan's reactions, 2005 London bombing, more qualifying results, George Souders grave, "First in Line" Larry Bisceglia, brief talk about Tom Carnegie

2006 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Dave "The King" Wilson.
1070 WIBC: Donald Davidson with Dave "The King" Wilson hosting (hour #1)
Network Indiana Shows (hour #2) during part of the month
Most shows take place at the Dreyer & Reinbold garage

5-1-2006 Mon (WIBC) - Flying Wheel logo, Pat O'Connor, George Bignotti, One-off cars, Ryan's Trackforum plug/C+S Motorsports, Michael Greenfield, Will there ever be a different Pace car than a Corvette?, Buddy Lazier's Viper, 6-wheeled cars, Pat Vidan

5-2-2006 Tue (WIBC) - Greg Weld, 1958 O'Connor crash, Scoring Pylon, Jules Goux

5-3-2006 Wed (WIBC) - 1958 O'Connor crash, Bob Veith, Dick Simon, Baby Born at Speedway?, Tallest driver

5-4-2006 Thu (WIBC) - USAC "24 Hour Rule", Lowest starting position to lead 1st lap

5-5-2006 Fri (WIBC) - Barbershop/Chet Miller (D), Wilbur D'Alene, "Comebacks" from retirement (P), Controversey over Bill Puterbaugh's car sold

5-8-2006 Mon (WIBC) - Pat Flaherty, Peter Kreis, Living winners before 1970, Bobby Grim, 1946 Pace Car, Eldon Rasmussen

5-9-2006 Tue (WIBC) - Changes in "Happy Hour" due to DST, Lap Prize money, More about Happy Hour, 1960 front row was late arriving, Chet Richer-appears in panorama photo twice, Jack Beckley (J)

5-10-2006 Wed (WIBC) - Pat Flaherty's shamrock/500 Program, Bobby Unser vs. Andy Granatelli, Norm Hall

5-10-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) - Paul from Wisconsin calling from Virginia: Leo Mehl, Dave from Marion...mechanic Don Brown, average speed without yellow laps (Donald takes a shot at CART red flagging the 2002 race at Fontana to try to set the 500-mile speed record), George Connor, Doc Williams, Wilbur Shaw keeping his plane at the Speedway, follow up on Jack Beckley, Smokey Yunick

5-11-2006 Thu (WIBC) - Sid Collin's eulogy for Eddie Sachs, Ron Hemelgarn (P), Restoration status of the Marmon Wasp, Fred Agabashian, Mel Keneally

5-11-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) - Dave from Marion: Rich Volger, 1966 Jim Clark and Al Unser and the scoring dispute (history of scoring methods), Tom Bigelow and his time with Rolla Volsted in the 1970s, The Oldtimer's Club, Dick & Jim Rathmann, A driver who gets bumped is not a successful qualifying attempt, Michael Roe, Ed Elsian (drivers stopping to help other drivers), Cotton Henning part 1

5-12-2006 Fri (WIBC) - Novis/Fantasy 500, Bruce Walkup, the qualifying line spreading over two days, caution flag procedures over the years (PACER), Jimmy Murphy/Phil Caliva

5-12-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) - Jerry from Delphi: Cotton Henning part 2, Dave from Marion: Johnny Thompson, Stevens house outside of turn 1, retired former 500 winners that came back to race again, and old photo of Donald, Rolla Volsted

5-13-2006 Pole Day Sat (WIBC) - (Pole Day rained out, TOGA used as filler during the afternoon) - Ray Harroun/Book recommendations, time trials occuring "late" or close to race day, 1968 time trials on a Monday, Donald's trip around the world, Larry Rice interview, Michael Andretti lap leader stats, David Ward call in about Rick Muther/A.L. Freeman, Dave Argabright interview about the Chris Economacki bio, waited on hold to get no information about Mel Keneally, some driver told me he was "the first driver to hit 150 mph unofficially, then blew up down the backstretch" and Donald thinks he's talking about Ralph Liguori, and denied the 150 mph claim, Drivers who dropped out on the parade/pace laps before the green flag, Clif Hucul, rain tires at Indy, Ronnie Duman (other drivers who owned homes in Speedway, Indiana), Sam Sessions, Entry fee for the race, Polesitters missing the race (only one was Brayton), Where are the drivers: Lloyd Ruby/Jim McElreath/Jim Hurtubise (he's dead)/Stan Fox (he's dead), more about Speedway residents, Pennzoil sponsored drivers in IRL years, recollections on old timers/A.J. stories, Donald Davidson's life story

5-14-2006 Time Trials Sun (WIBC) - Time Trials rained out, TOGA used as filler during the afternoon

5-15-2006 Mon (WIBC) - Best racing films ("Grand Prix" premier), Union Carbide/500 Memorabilia, Corky Andretti calls in and tells the true story about the 1969 pace car (Mario did not trade it in, and Aldo got a flat tire on the way home), corrections about A.J.'s top tens from the day before, Bob Wente, Best drivers in regards to "time behind the winner"

5-15-2006 Mon (Network Indiana) - Race with two white flags, hypothetical 1989 finish with Boesel, Mario, Foyt, and Brayton, Russ Snowberger, Mike Boyle, retired drivers returning to race again, green cars winning the race, Roger McCluskey, the barn over by the golf course, fire at Donald's house...Ray Harroun photo lost in the fire, Vel Miletich

5-16-2006 Tue (WIBC) - Don Smith's (from Terra Haute & the fairgrounds) involvement with the Sumar Special, replacement drivers for injured drivers / Will Donald come to "Camp and Brew?, Wagner Lockheed Brake Fluid and the Turbine (not another guy asking about the Turbine!), what was the second hard paved track in the U.S. (if IMS was the first). Arnie Knepper (J)

5-17-2006 Wed (WIBC) - USAC drivers racing at LeMans in 1960s / Rex Mays races at Riverside (which featured F1 particpants), Tires (too much of a "gearhead" question), driver or owner going on to noteriety after working at the race, i.e. Gen. Jimmy Doolittle, 1958 Pat O'Connor crash (abbreviated response), IRP road course

5-17-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) - Bill Vukovich Jr., Lee Kunzman, Ted Field and Danny Ongais, the term "Specials", A,J, Foyt with Goodyear tires in 1964

5-18-2006 Thu (WIBC) - More info about the IRP question from previous night, Bob Fletcher (P), Herb Porter, Bobby Marshman,

5-18-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) - Dave from Marion asks for an A.J. Foyt profile, Foyt's Springfield/Milwaukee double with a dirt car (includes gas cap story), plug about Pace Car Reunion/Throwback Day, more on Foyt...1961 finish, other Foyt luck/wins, the terms: Track Roadster, Sprint Cars, Midgets, etc., Jean "Gene" Marcenac, 16th Street Speedway (both versions), is Danny Ongais at the track, Kevin Cogan...also imposter visiting the museum claiming he was Cogam

5-19-2006 Fri (WIBC) - NO WIBC show?

5-19-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) - Discussion about the Pace Car Reunion and Throwback Day, Jack Hewitt, 1974 race, 1979 qualifying cotroversy, riding mechanics, Ray Harroun and the rear view mirror, Lewis Strang, also Strang in 1909 photo of the model of the Speedway, Granatelli history at the Speedway, more talk about Throwback Day (ice cream with the wooden spoon), Paul from Wisconsin discusses Donald's stand on the 1981 controversy, Jerry O'Connell (skipped), 1973 and 1982...driver killed on quaifying day and Gordon Johncock won both years, Phil Hedbeck dumping silver dollars into helmet for 150 mph/200mph and Janet Guthrie

5-20-2006 Sat (WIBC) - Pole day show

5-21-2006 Sun (WIBC) - Bump Day show

5-22-2006 Mon (WIBC) - Eddie Sachs, 1968-69 Chuck Booth's Speedy's Roasted Chicken Special, Lloyd Ruby ripping the fuel hose out in 1969, Don "The Rabbit" Brown, the Kevin Cogan crash at the start in 1982

5-22-2006 Mon (Network Indiana) - Jerry O'Connell and Jud Phillips, story about drivers taking over Mike Mosely's ride in 1975...Bobby Unser, Al Unser, Mario Andretti at Michigan/Trenton/Phoenix, Sugeripe Prunes reference, more Mike Mosely memories, Dave from Marion asks about Johnny Boyd (again), last front-engined car to make a qualifying attempt

5-23-2006 Tue (WIBC) - First driver to hit the SAFER Barrier (Robbie McGehee) / starting grid in exact order of speed rank from top to bottom, 1971 pace car crash, driver waved off due to lack of speed, Joe Langley, A.J. Foyt in 1964 wearing a Goodyear uniform but using Firestone tires / 1967 great drivers that failed to qualify, most Indy car race winners in the field, who was the most debonair driver, when did they start and stop using the term "Special," the alternate in the 2006 race (not used anymore)

5-24-2006 Wed (WIBC) - Relief drivers, Bobby Grim, asking about what type of milk the drivers desired in victory lane (what would happen if there was a lactose intolerant driver or someone with a milk allergy), highest car counts, Menopause Manor sign (question ignored), who paid $5000 for a garage without a car? (question ignored), Jigger Sirios (short answer), Troy Ruttman, origin of the command "Gentlemen Start You Engines" (Donald doesn't fully answer), Belond Special, the old and new garages (1985), what if the race ended in a tie (unlikely), who was burned in the 1919 race, Rick Mears 1981 pit fire (fuel nozzle)

5-24-2006 Wed (Network Indiana) - When did the jet dryer come along, races that had rain delays, Babe Stapp, prominent owners who never won the 500, TV history of the 500,

5-25-2006 Thu (WIBC) - ?

5-25-2006 Thu (Network Indiana) - Dave: Gary Bettenhausen, Pat Patrick, the Pat Clancy 6 wheeled car, Ernie Tripplet, Darrell Wibel, Jerry: Fred Frame, Chuck Booth, John Menard/Herm Johnson.

5-26-2006 Fri (WIBC) - Carb Day recap from IMS Radio Network, Bill Cantrel, Donald's stories about meeting with various Pre-WWII Indy 500 winners or their relatives, Donald's stories about Ray Harroun, last upright dirt car in the race, Leo Goossen of Offenhauser, tallest and shortest winners of the 500, Fred Frame, how many drivers have led a lap, as seen in the 1936 film "Speed," what were the drivers pumping on the car (oil pump)

5-26-2006 Fri (Network Indiana) - Pat Patrick again, Gordon Johncock's 1973 dinner at Burger Chef, Mark Donohue 1972, driver with the most attempts before actually qualifying...most attempts with never qualifying, effort to document relief drivers, Johnny Sawyer, drivers named Smith and Mark Smith of 1993-94 and his father (Spruce Goose), Johnnie Parsons Sr....Donald's trip around the world.

5-27-2006 Sat (WIBC) - NO SHOW ("All Night Race Party")

5-28-2006 Sun (WIBC) - POST RACE DRIVE HOME SHOW - interviewS with Max Papis, Aldo Andretti, Ed Carpenter, Arie Luyendyk, Edie Cheever, Vince Welch, Kevin Lee, Linda Conti, etc. Donald came on at 6:30 pm...brief recap of the finish, Peter Revson, youngest winner, closest 3-car finish, winners from the pole, most top tens/most consecutive top tens, Al Loquasto, questions about the race, how many bricks in the track, car #6 winning the race, questions about pit exit rules, the Jigger Sorois question...again, Scott Sharp, Mark Smith...again, questions about how Hornish came back to win, City of Kenosha Special, Michael Andretti with 3 cars in the top 5.

Notes... Show was on News/Talk 1070 WIBC AM.
-Dave "The King" Wilson was the host.
-Several shows were pre-empted or shortened due to Pacers playoff games.
-The typical running time for an hour-long show was about 21-24 minutes (when you subtract out news, weather, traffic, and commercials).
-Podcasts downloadable online for the first time

2007 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

With Co-host Dave "The King" Wilson.

-Some episodes took place at the Dryer & Reinbold garages
-Regulars include Dave from Marion, Paul from Wisconsin, Jerry from Delphi
-Podcasts downloadable online

4-30-2007 (Mon): 1982 race and the 'haze' that appears in turn 3, George Robson and Hal Robson, Andy Linden (Dave from Marion), Troy Ruttman (Paul from Wisconsin), Rufus gray, Rodger Ward

5-1-2007 (Tue): Follow up on Troy Ruttman at the French Grand Prix and in Formula One, 1957-1958 winning car (George Salih, Johnny Boyd, etc.), different fuels through the years...ethanol, diesel, kerosene, adgas, the Turbine's fuel, clarification about the "banning" of gasoline after 1964, Rex mays, Fred Johnson- the voice of Gasoline Alley

5-2-2007 (Wed): Memories from 1977, no victory lane recording from 1946 (specifically about George Robson's accent), Jack Brabham, Brabham cars, Ray Crawford, the Van Camps/Fleetwood Indy 500 LP vinyl record, Art Lamey of Champion Spark Plugs (Paul), Lou Palmer

5-3-2007 (Thu): Fundraiser show, Michael Andretti and Marco Andretti interview, USAC Sprint and Midget champions who were also 500 winners, last lap passes for the win...latest pass for the win, Jimmy Murphy, defending Formula One World Champions in the 500, Pat Vidan, races of May 27 and other dates of the 500 (May 24th Unser day), Chuck Rodee

5-4-2007 (Fri): Jackie Stewart, 1978 Bump Day incident with Jim Hurtubise (ran out on the track), Eddie Sachs stories (practical joke with Leroy Warriner being shot; Checkered Flag bar), Jack Starne (A.J. Foyt chief mechanic), Bob Swanson

5-5-2007 (Sat): A.J. Foyt 50th anniversary celebration, anniversaries of 1977, 1982, 1992, Willy T. Ribbs, question about when the gates open Sunday, Henry Banks, defending winners and champions missing the race, Foyt team drivers over the years, lack of innovation at Indy these days, question about Sunday's TV coverage, does P.J. Chesson have a ride this year, drivers "buying" their way into the field

5-6-2007 (Sun): Opening Day; (Dave in Marion) Drivers who drove upright dirt cars/Roadsters/Rear engined cars, Eddie Johnson, Davey Hamilton's car #02 and other car numbers, John Zink, Zink Turbines, Graham Hill plane crash, no doors on the stalls in the bathroom, 1930 story about Chet Miller and borrowing a part (spring) from a spectator's car in the infield to put on his race car, dispelling the urban legends about the Junk Formula and the stock market crash, Monza 500, Jimmy Bryan photo chasing money at Monza that blew out of his pocket, A.J. Foyt Springfield/Milwaukee story, Robin Miller accusing Foyt of cheating

5-7-2007 (Mon): History of Rookie tests, Johnny Hannon, Hottest 500 (1953 or 1937?), movie "To Please a Lady", Barbara Stanwyck, Bobby Marvin (killed before driving as a rookie), Bill Holland's suspension in 1951-1952 ("outlaw" races), Louis Schnieder's suspension

5-8-2007 (Tue): Safety Patrol Pith Helmets, Preston Tucker at Indy, Tucker test at the Speedway (depicted in the movie), Shim Malone (USAC flagman), A.J. Foyt's triple crown, youngest winner (Troy Ruttman), 500 winners born and raises in Indianapolis, the term "Specials"

5-9-2007 (Wed): Al Unser Sr. driving for Foyt in 1965, Bobby Grim, Grim's 1959 dislocated arm incident, 1982 Kevin Cogan crash (Mear's incident at Michigan), Prince Decystria and the 1923 Bugatti team, photo of Tony Hulman in the pace car in 1962 (follow up on whether 1977 was the first time Hulman rode in the pace car during the winner's post-race victory lap), Wilbur Shaw in 1929 and 1931 (suspended for "outlaw" races), Jim Hurtubise

5-10-2007 (Thu): Bolt-on wings and speed increases, 1978 USAC plane crash, Chet Philip (bearded drivers), Brian Barnhart

5-10-2007 (Thu Network Indiana): Follow-ups on the previous night's show, four drivers wives that became widows twice (married two drivers who were killed), Letterio Cucinotta, rookie Helio Castroneves re-painting the wall in 2001, Paul Russo's wing/stabilizer in 1960, Larry Biscelglia, old unpaved areas in the garage area, the 5 a.m. "mad rush" to the infield on race day, different qualifying procedures over the years...Jigger, update on Tom Carnegie, Arie Luyendyk's track records

5-11-2007 (Fri): Remembering WIBC's Chuck Riley, drivers with many years between starts (re: John Andretti), Formula 1 and NASCAR drivers at Indy during the 1960s, Daylight saving time and its effect on "Happy Hour", the Turbines and Diesels (what fuels did they use), differences between the front and rear tires/wheels, Larry "Boom Boom" Cannon, Eddie Sach's hometown, Jimmy Reece's wife Betty

5-11-2007 (Fri Network Indiana): Chuck Riley, Phil Cole, Brian Saulpaugh, Vincenzo Sospiri, Racin Gardner, Milka Duno, Doc Williams, Jud Phillips, Roger Penske prior to 1969, first turbocharged engine

5-12-2007 (Sat): Pole Day; Mike Spence, drivers who won in both front and rear engined cars, 1966 scoring controversey, when were track records last set, why do drivers take special lines through the turns, why is there only one engine manufacturer (Honda), Lou Welch (Novi), Lindley F. Bothwell and the 1916 Dario Resta car, Penske team drivers who did not win the 500

5-13-2007 (Sun): Time Trials; Recap of qualifying, furthest back starting position to win the race (28th), starting position with the most victories (pole), the older USAC qualifying formats, Kent Baker, Phil Krueger, when did the race move to Sundays, Donald's book, what do drivers need to do to get a ride (money), more on Phil Krueger, was A.J. Foyt the last driver to win wearing a t-shirt (no...Pat Flaherty), movie "To Please a Lady", A.J. Watson

5-14-2007 (Mon): Years without the milk, white lines on the frontstretch (USGP grid), Jack mcGrath, more on the milk, Dinah Shore's rendition of "Back Home Again In Indiana", racing family members who were not drivers (crew members, etc.), drivers a lap down or more coming back to win, drivers still living from the 1958 race (re: AJ's 50th), 1961 painting, 1957 radio interview "Sam Hanks by the seat of his pants", the Singing Hooiser's "The 500" song, Crocky Wright...delayed until next day

5-14-2007 (Mon Network Indiana): René Le Bègue and René Dreyfus at the 1940 race, J.C. Agajanian (all drivers through the years including Parnelli Jones), Ralph Liguori, question about an emblem, Tom Binford, Al Loquasto, Don Brown

5-15-2007 (Tue): When did teams stop using fuel blends, 1965 gasoline/methanol, use of nitrous, weight jacker, Goodyear tires, A.J. Foyt's consecutive starts, Danny Ongais 1981 crash, John Totten, Crocky Wright, winningest car number, number with the most last place finishes, drivers from Bloomington Indiana, father/son/Jr.'s in the race, Louis Schneider

5-15-2007 (Tue Network Indiana): Chuck Booth, Chet Gardner, follow up on J.C. Agajanian from previous night, Roman Slobodynskyj, Lightning Chassis, Gene Hartley, Donad's birthday is January 20th (so is Jimmy Bryan's), thank you call from a student, Al Unser III, Bryan Herta, IMS Radio Network crew members still alive from Donald's first in 1964-65, Don Lee, Carl Hall

5-16-2007 (Wed): Ray Keech, Maude "M.A." Yagle, how many rows of bricks are at the start finish line, ill-prepared (inexperienced) drivers, different driving styles through the turns, car number #02 (Davey Hamilton), current whereabouts of Indy 500 winning cars, Donald at Automotive Boosters parties

5-16-2007 (Wed Network Indiana): Phil Krueger, Double O Joe Goseg, Jim Hurtubise's last year with the front engined Mallard roadster, Hurtubise in rear engine cars, Jerry Grant, John Zink, Zink drivers and cars over the years, Zink Turbine, Frankie Delroy, how safety crews worked back in the day

5-17-2007 (Thu): Jimmy Doolittle in 1931, Andy Hillenberg and Tim Bumps (driving school), follow up on winning cars (1992 Al Unser Jr. car), no podium celebrations at Indy (winners only), Fabrizio Barbazza, Robby Unser, Floyd Davis, extra time allowed to finish the full 500 miles (Ralph Mulford in 1912), Joe James

5-17-2007 (Thu Network Indiana): Cecil Green, Lee Wallard, ASPAR in 1947, press conferences, Dorie Sweikert's book "Along for the Ride", Johnnie Parsons, mention of Donald's trip around the world, turbine fuel, 1968 turbine steel shafts, question about bumping under the new 11/11/11 procedure

5-18-2007 (Fri): Dedication of Lloyd Ruby Overpass in Wichita Falls Texas, Bill Devore, Frank Briscoe, Greg Beck/Beck Motorsports, Paul Diatlovich visits the show

5-18-2007 (Fri Network Indiana): Lloyd Ruby, Johnny Boyd, John DePalma, Leslie Allen, Phil Casey, follow-up on whereabouts of 1997 and 2000 winning cars, Mickey Rupp

5-19-2007 (Sat): Time Trials; Phil Geibler's day, 1992 A.J. Foyt Auction at the Speedway (also 1977 winning car), Larry Bisceglia (first in line), Mom Unser's Chili, furthest back starting position to win, oldest/youngest winners, May 24th, closest field in terms of time/speed, year with most cars bumped, Cliff Bergere, 1972 Jim Hurtubise beer engine, ("payback" by USAC during the race...Hurtubise out of fuel and not scored), differences in drivers' abilities, 2nd/3rd/4th generation drivers, Mauri Rose did not kiss the movie star in victory lane, last year for riding mechanics, drivers listed as a winning chief mechanic (Lou Moore), Mike Hiss

5-20-2007 (Sun): Bump Day; Random thoughts about Bump Day and the upcoming race, Al Unser Sr in 1987, three members of the same family (4 Andretti's in 1991), Andretti's vs. the Unser's winning the rookie of the year award, racing families from the early years, (the Quilt Lady)...Lou Palmer was "not" the Voice of the 500, airport landing strip at 38th St nearby the Speedway, first/last year of the Offenhausers, Robby Unser and Johnny Unser, Turbines, largest number of Novi's in a single field (3 in 1963 and 1964), best finish for the Novi's, rookie winners, Race of Two Worlds (Monza 500)

5-21-2007 (Mon): John Mais crew member in 1915, Bill Puterbaugh, Larry "Boom Boom" Cannon, Bob Christie, 1960 Ward/Rathmann duel, 1966 why did Jackie Stewart win the rookie of the year award instead of Graham Hill, Desire Wilson, Billy Arnold

5-21-2007 (Mon Network Indiana): David Hobbs, wally Meskowski, follow-up on Hobbs, Wayne Leary, consecutive starts, Pat O'Connor, Lotus H engine, back-to-back winning owners with different drivers, most wins as an owner (other than Roger Penske)

5-22-2007 (Tue): Salt Walther...including relief in 1975, Dick Frazier, Tony Stewart, Bobby Marshman, the phrase "Gentlemen start your engines"

5-22-2007 (Tue Network Indiana): Velko "Vel" Militech, Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962, Bobby Grim, total number of lap leaders, Desire Wilson, Jeff Andretti, Bud Tinglestad

5-23-2007 (Wed): A.J. Foyt out of fuel...reaching around and flipping a switch? (1975), David Letterman on the 1971 ABC broadcast, wings and Mario Andretti's 1969 car, Wold Championship points awarded at Indianapolis from 1950-1960, first competitor fatality, Mildred "Milka" Vukovich (and "Danica"), riding mechanic Earl Frost, Cheever Racing this year?, has the flagman ever been injured?, Mark Donohue

5-23-2007 (Wed Network Indiana): Mildred "Milka" Vukovich (and "Danica" Vukovich), Francis Quinn, Cletus "Cowboy" O'Rourke, mention of Jean Shepherd, Gil Anderson (including Harry C. Stutz info), Wilbur Shaw, Mike Mosely, Carb Day crashes

5-24-2007 (Thu): Details of Eddie Sachs' 1964 fuel tanks, Gordon Smiley, Dave from Marion's 1958 starting lineup photo, Jud Larson, 1964 Hurst sidecar (Bobby Johns), Bill Cummings 1933 story about in a bar and "Lucky Red #7"

5-24-2007 (Thu Network Indiana): Russ Snowberger (Federal Engineering entries), Shorty Templeman, Louis Meyer, history of trohies ("Water from Wilbur"), last

5-25-2007 (Fri): Carb Day; Car #1 (recent years using #1...Paul Durant and Michael Andretti), 1939 Sparks 6-cylinder engines, "Pop" Myers, closing the track during WWII and the 1946 re-opening, Tommy Milton starting position 1...finishing position 1...using car number 1, tallest/shortest/heaviest/lightest drivers

5-25-2007 (Fri Network Indiana): Follow-up on 1975 Jerry O'Connell/Jud Phillips/Mike Mosely/Mario Andretti story at Phoenix, Jim Robbins, Len Sutton, "Culver" blocks bricks from the track...authentic or not?...traces of mortar is a clue that it might be authentic, chat with Paul from Wisconsin, history of the Pit Stop Contest, Dinah Shore's rendition of "Back Home Again in Indiana" and singing the second verse

5-26-2007 (Sat): No show...All Night Race Party (1962 race, 1987 race, 2006 finish)

5-27-2007 (Sun): Race Day;

2008 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

-WIBC transitioned to 93.1 FM; 1070 AM became WFNI 1070 The Fan
-Network Indiana Show abandoned in favor of two hour show from 6-8 pm on 1070 AM (6-7 pm on some nights)
-Donald Davidson hosts by himself
-Podcasts downloadable online

4-30-2008: Bob Christie (D); Spike Gehlhausen calls in; driving race cars to Indy on highway; Bobby Marshman ("American Jimmy"); Sid's 30 Days in May:1958 crash; Lou Palmer; Dick Ralstin; Cal Niday (one legged drivers); pseudonyms (Duray, Rodee, Wyant, Darnell, Abe Lincoln, St James); Hemelgarn; oldest living drivers and winners; Gary Bettenhausen; Bobby Unser retirement; Josele Garza; foreign drivers in the Sixties; bearded drivers (J); Holland/Rose

5-1-2008: pseudonyms; Pat Flaherty; Tony Bettenhausen Sr (D); Sid's 30 Days in Mays:Johnnie Parsons retires; National Car Rental 1976 drive round the world; 1947 ASPAR; late entries; Bill Vukovich Sr; Clay Ballenger; Roland Free; Cy Marshall; Sid Collins; George Bignotti

5-2-2008: prominent/colorful owners; Roger McCluskey; 1960 winning chief mechanic (Hirashima, not Yunick); Al Miller(s); Bob Harkey; George Souders; Keith Andrews

5-3-2008: no recording

5-4-2008: Counting laps by hand in T/S; Sid's 30 Days:1959 500 queen; Art Bisch; Unser brothers and sons at the Speedway (P) ; Danny Kladis; The 500 song/Singing Hoosiers; John Fitch (D)

5-5-2008: Bud Tinglestad; Jim Clark; number of cars running at finish; engine rules; Tony Hulman biography; Hulman purchase of IMS; 1973 (Pollard crash); Frankie Del Roy; Sid's 30 Days in May:1952 finish; Mel Kenyon; Fred Agabashian;1976 round the world trip; Joe Alexander; Larry Dickson; 1916 September races; Donald's successor; do they just do it in the suit?; pace car driver relative of driver in same race (Fittipaldi/Papis)

5-6-2008: old Shaw/Clabber Girl car models; (P) British participation, Colin Chapman, last Indy car with doors; Sid's 30 Days in May:1950 Lee Wallard interview; Scott Brayton; Rodger Ward; Ferrari in the 500; Alberto Ascari; Brayton and Johncock (Gordy's daughter calls in); Most laps in career; drivers wearing ties; Jud Phillips; (D) Phillips/Sugaripe drivers at end of 1975 season; Swede Savage accident; Whittingtons, father and sons; Swiss drivers

5-7-2008: (incomplete recording); Sid's 30 Days in May: 1955 interview with Ralph DePalma; Jim Hurtubise; Granatellis; Using part from spectator car (Chet Miller 1930); Jimmy Prock, grandfather and grandson; mechanics working and living in nearby homes; Brawner's brick patio; Clarence Cagle; (D) Rex Mays; (J) Lou Palmer; Tom Bigelow; Coke lot origin; history of local train service to IMS; Parnelli in Little 500 (Foyt wasn't); original purchase of IMS property; origin of race name; USAC rear engine sprint cars

5-8-2008: Bessie Lee Paoli; Bob Harkey; Sid's 30 Days in May:Parnelli's turbine stops; Donald flies with Bob Harkey; 35 starters in 1979 and 1997; toilet with a balloon on it; "Good to talk with you David"; Paul Russo's 1961 car owner; (D) Jim McElreath; Jerry Karl; Jerry Grant, 1972 pitstop penalty; Janet Guthrie

5-9-2008: Tassi Vatis Part I (see 5-12-2008); Sid's 30 Days:1951, "Gentlemen, start your motors"; origin of "Gentlemen start your engines"; Jimmy Jackson; history of qualifying schedule; (D) Bobby Grim; Donald turns the table on Tony from Racine (not Paul) with a trivia question

5-10-2008: Pole Day recap; teams on the front row; early motorcycle races; first NZ/Australian drivers on front row; history of safety patrol at IMS; all British Empire on front row; Pat Patrick update; current qualifying and race speed records; Alex Zanardi; first full face helmet; Donald's house fire ('To Donald, who knows more about my life than I do, Ray Harroun'); Ed Elisian; qualifying for another driver (Mario, Goodyear); Michael Andretti Car

5-11-2008: (Time Trials Rain Out Show) Ralph Liguri, Palmer-isms (Lou Palmer memories), Jack McGrath, more Palmer-isms, unified ChampCar/IndyCar records, "Champ" and "Indy Car" terms, Sid Collins and other former radio network personalities/members, why did Lou Palmer leave the network after 1989, Bob Harkey, NASCAR Speedway Division, 1941 winning car, Eddie Sachs in 1961, Eddie Shreve's Jaguar at Indy, John Totten, Joe Saldana, "To Please a Lady" and other films at the Speedway, Mickey Rooney, Clark Gable, Louis Schnieder, Kelly Petillo

5-11-2008: Dick Cecil, MVS, Ronnie Duman, Arnie Knepper, new Watsons; Worst/longest qualifying rainouts, short fields; (P) Ted Horn; first woman to provisionally be fastest qualifier; Kenny Brack; caller's memory of Donald's 1982 comment in race broadcast about Foyt's 25th year, because this will be the 25th race since then; caller rides the twoseater; first lap over 180 (1972); caller's memory of Bobby Unser turning 196; Jerry Hoyt; Norm Hall; race cars lost at sea

5-12-2008: Tassi Vatis Part II; Spaniards (Velez, Servia); "Will Overhead" wins; Dick Simon as car owner; Joe Leonard; Jim Clark in Nascar (didn't win); 71 pace car crash; memories of Wilbur Shaw; history of race start parking positions, parade laps, warmup laps, etc; Foyt and Bignotti; Dr Evanston Earp; Joe Boyer; Sid's 30 Days in May:1958 Foyt interview ("one of them deals in racin'"); Bill Cheesbourg; history of schedule for practice and qualifying; close finishes for position after leader; (D) Cliff Bergere

5-13-2008: (incomplete recording); great motorcycle racers associated with the 500 (Hepburn, Seymour, Leonard, Goldsmith, Savage, Free, Clymer, Puterbaugh); Sid's 30 Days in May:1958 Finish; Sherman Armstrong; Mates' White Front/Holiday Inn Northwest/The Cove; Tech HS grads in the 500; Variations of the groove on the track; have Tom Carnegie start the race; Checkered Flag Tavern, Bud Moneymaker, The Cove; Carmine George Tuffanelli, Jimmy Derrico, Ray Nichels, Paul Russo, Basement Bessie, Lee Elkins, Carl Scarborough, Bob Rocky Phillip; Don Davis; Dick Atkins; Andy Michner; (D) Tommy Hinnershitz ("the greatest dirt sprint car driver ever"); oldest Speedway staffer, Al Case

5-14-2008: Bob Burman, Blitzen Benz, FWD Christie, Barney Oldfield, First 100 mph lap at Speedway as an exhibition event; (P) Butch and Sonny Meyer; Sid's 30 Days in May:1950 Johnnie Parsons in Victory Lane; Rickenbacker's purchase, golf course; rainy months; tallest drivers (Joel Thorne, Chris Kneifel, Steve Knapp, Gurney, Rahal, Justin Wilson); Joe Alexander; 1981 blend rule explained; why no speed records?; 1967 Gordon Johncock; Dick Northam; Phil Hedback/Bryant sponsorship; oldest non automotive sponsor; silver dollars for 150 200, first woman; filling the field after last scheduled qualifying day; memories of Sam Hanks; (D) Manny Ayulo, hot rod racers; rain dates; Jim Clark; balloon spectacle

5-15-2008: George Robson; (P) Larry "Boom Boom" Cannon; Sid's 30 Days in May: 1951 interview with Harry Hartz and Billy Arnold; scene with racers in The Crowd Roars; history of phrase "banzai run"; Earl DeVore, Billy DeVore; Jimmy Daywalt (inc origin of "Sumar"); Don Branson; Leroy Warriner; Mac Hellings; Harry Miller, Leo Goossen, Fred Offenhauser; Case racing cars, Jimmy Davies; (M) Bill Puterbaugh; John Fitch

5-16-2008: Chaparral 2K, ground effects, Al Unser, Jim Hall, John Barnard, Johnny Rutherford; Sid's 30 Days in May: 1951 Seth Klein interview, Walt Faulkner story; (D) Johnny Thomson (not Thompson); Tommy Milton, Jimmy Murphy; Marmon, Lee Oldfield; 1971 pace car crash; public access to museum photo library

5-17-2008: no recording

5-18-2008: no recording

5-19-2008: Bruce Walkup, roll cage on Indy car; is there a chemical that makes the racing alcohol fuel burn with a color now?; Lloyd Ruby; Sid's 30 Days in May: 1951 Ray Harroun interview; Ruby and Rick Mears; Art Pollard; where are they now: Chuck Marlowe, Bob Forbes, Lou Palmer, Wally Dallenbach; Tom Sneva Pizza Hut 1988; (J) Gene Force; Gary Bettenhausen in 2008; (P) Rolla Vollstedt; (D) Stan Fox; Jimmy Davies story; when did last place pay more than the smallest winner's purse; Pancho Carter; Hoot Gibson sponsorship; history of purse

5-20-2008: Jackie Stewart / Joe Harris police car story; Sid's 30 Days in May: 1957 Ed Sullivan interview; Donald's memory of 1964 pole banquet; George Barringer, Bill Barringer; Hulman purchase, restoring the track, late public opening in 1946; is it possible to bump the pole?; who has survived the most bump attempts?; fatalities on pole day; fatalities in qualifying; paying relief drivers; crash picture in "Rear Window" movie; video sources of 500 history; Swede Savage, Monty Roberts, Jim Wright; Last Row Party; Leo Goossen visits IMS; Kevin Cogan, Chris Kneifel; best starts, Bill Holland, Helio Castroneves; (J) Caracciola; meeting Tommy Hinnershitz

5-21-2008: memory of Granatelli; connections with Columbus IN; Sid's 30 Days in May: Jim Shelton interview with Eddie Sachs, Pat O'Connor, 1957; history of usage of "Special"; 1969 qualifying photo with Aldo Andretti, other drivers missing from qualifying photos; Cocktail Hour Cigarette Special, Hamilton Harris Vending, Bill White, Ralph Hepburn; emotional Victory Lane speeches; Ralph Liguori stories; Purdue grads in the 500; Bill Simpson; Ozzie Olson, Norm Olson, Olsonite, Swedish Crucible Steel; 1972 pole positions; timing and scoring; Jones and Maley; where are Bob Lamey, Ron Carroll, Jim Shelton, Doug Zink, Howdy Bell, Jerry Baker

5-22-2008: Pat Vidan; Marchese, Bob Wilke, Leader Cards; Sid's 30 Days in May:1958 accident (repeat); Ruby and Rick Mears; Roger Rager, school bus engine; David Hobbs accident; Jim Crawford; (P, kinda low energy) Phil Remington; (M) Jerry Sneva, Frank Curtis (not Kurtis); waving to the crowd; drivers switch from Nascar to Indy; Herb Ardinger

5-23-2008: Don Freeland; Sid's 30 Days in May: Johnnie Parsons retires 1959 (repeat); (D) Cotton Henning (Mike Boyle); historic starting time; doors on the toilet stalls; Andy Michner; (J) Duane Carter; MG Liquid Suspension Special, Huffaker, Qvale

Brickyard 400 week

7-22-2008: (Brickyard) Jarrett runs out of gas in 98?, winged stock cars in NASCAR and USAC, complete Novi history, Spike Gehlhausen; Ana Beatriz, Andre Ribiero, Jerry Hoyt, Bobby Marshman

7-23-2008: (Brickyard) USAC stock cars, Zecol Lubaid, Jack Bowsher, Nichels, Norm Nelson, Wood Brothers at the 500, Bruce Walkup; regular USAC stock car drivers, 1961 dirt races at IRP, earliest stock car events at IMS

7-24-2008: (Brickyard) Indiana State Fairgrounds race memories, A.J. Foyt / Len Sutton "swap" cars, 1972 Jim Hurtubise beer engine, Smokey Yunick...car with no fuel tank story, first 100 mph stock car lap at Milwaukee, Smokey Yunick's 7/8th scale car, Denny Hamlin

7-25-2008: (Brickyard) No show due to Colts program

7-26-2008: (Brickyard) Bill Elliott DNQ'ing and all-time Brickyard 400 mileage leaders, Reagan Smith and other Smith drivers at Indy, number of Brickyard entries year by year, Scott Brayton/Menard Brickyard testing crash in 1994, Darrell Waltrip congratulating one-off qualifiers for 94 BY400, NASCAR race field size over the years, 1956-1957 reconstruction of pit lane and tower, possible first ever separate pit lane at a race track, 1955 Le Mans crash, most Brickyard 400 starts, most Indy 500 starts from 1911 (Howdy Wilcox), IMS hosting a sports car race, people opposed to the Brickyard 400 being held in 1994, Eddie Sachs in 1961, Pat Vidan, flagmen, more on multiple races, A.J. Foyt in NASCAR, Foyt co-won Atlanta 500, more on Dale Jarrett running out of gas in 1998 race, Jimmy Reece, history of the Paddock grandstand, did a driver named Eddie McCardle drive at the Speedway (no).

7-27-2008: (Brickyard) Sunday Post-Race - Jim Hurtubise and his problems with the tire companies, AJ Foyt and Goodyear in the 1960s, new motorcycle track, Snake Pit, old creek in turn 1 (Dry Run Creek), complaints about the tire situation, yard of bricks, history of repaving the track, more tire/race complaints, mention of 1911 "controversy" between Ray Harroun and Ralph Mulford (tear wear), Madison Regatta and the 500 (3 drivers), power boats, open up tire competition, traffic, more complaints (Charlie Daniels and governor), more tire discussion, Bill Elliott, more on tires, more on tires, comment about Tony Stewart USAC incident, more on tires, driver last in 1st 500 and first in last 500, Ed Elisian/Dick Rathmann...1958 speed duel during practice (Ed 1 lap record, Dick 4 lap record), call defending the day, question about diamond grinding, best teammate rivaly.

Notations: (D)ave from Marion, (J)erry from Delphi, (P)aul from Racine, (M)ike from Vernon Hills

2009 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

-WFNI 1070 The Fan
-Two hour show from 6-8 pm on 1070 AM (6-7 pm on some nights)
-Donald Davidson hosts by himself
-Podcasts downloadable online

4-29-2009: Rene Dreyfus; Bob Veith (D); first year with all same engine/chassis/tire; year of most second-gen drivers; year of most brothers; Don Freeland and Veith; relatives; trivia about Unsers in the same race; most exciting finish; Bobby Marvin, Rollie Beale; Andy Dunlop, Pete Salemi, Central Excavating; Novi memories; (J) Joel Thorne (tallest drivers); introduction of winner's picture on ticket; Jay Frank (AAA stock car champ)

4-30-2009: (M) Jud Larson; fencing separating fans from track; Ronnie Duman; Mel Kenyon; Bill Cheesbourg; Pat O'Connor; (P) Leader Card, AJ Watson and the Wilkes; Roger Penske's driving career; (D) Wally Meskowski; George Walther; Floyd Roberts

5-1-2009: Bill Cheesbourg, latest qualifying run; running Indy and Charlotte; (D) Rich Vogler 1989; Bobby Marshman; Lloyd Ruby's road racing career; end of the traditional start at Le Mans; (P) Borg Warner Trophy, Wheeler Schebler Trophy, L Strauss Award; (J) Greg Weld; consecutive start records for early participants

5-2-2009: no show

5-3-2009: Len Sutton; Pop Myers, Clarence Cagle; (D) Johnnie Tolan; connections with Brooklands; Al Unser III; 500s on May 24; Nichels 1961 Pontiac test; Ebb Rose, Racing Associates; Lyn St James retirement; John Paul Jr; Jack Turner

5-4-2009: (partial recording); Chet Ricker at both ends of panorama photos; oldest living 500 veterans (Jim Rathmann, Chuck Weyant, etc; passing of Danny Kladis); (D) Rex Mays; (M) Al Herman; (P) Vel Miletich; earliest movies of IMS; did riding mechanics carry tools, ride in qualifying; AJ Watson; John Zink; prettiest Novis, Paul Russo and Tony Bettenhausen; Hinchman; (J) Arthur Greiner, Sam Dickson 1911

5-5-2009: Frank Coon, Jim Travers, the Whiz Kids, Howard Keck, Traco, Bill Vukovich; prank phone calls in the garage, the mongoose gag; (J) Mike Boyle; record number of cars on track; Scott Brayton; LL Corum; Floyd Davis; Larry Bisceglia; (D) Don Brown, the Prince of Darkness, the Mechanical Rabbit; recommended books; David Bruce-Brown

5-6-2009: Cliff Bergere (partially bad recording); Bill Finley; (J) Ted Horn; (M) Bud Tinglestad; Jim Hurtubise; (P) Jack Mackenzie, Art Lamey; bridges over the track; Herb Ardinger; Jigger Sirois, Mike Spence; Donald's favorite finishes; Fred Holliday; 1909 races, Louis Schwitzer

5-7-2009: (incomplete recording) Sam Hanks; Hershel McKee; car on the roof; Mark Donohue; (M) test hopping; what attracted Lotus to Indy; racing movies; foreign born winners; Dorie Sweikert book about her life with Bob, "Along for the Ride" (enthusiastically recommended by Donald); Jochen Rindt; Jimmy Daywalt; (D) Don Horvath

5-8-2009: false claims about 1957 winning car owner; (M) Dick Cecil; Harlan Fengler, land speed record car; hitting three walls in an accident; Jim McWithey; Chet Gardner, Ray Gardner, and family; great consecutive results

5-9-2009: Crocky Wright; Banzai qualifying runs, first driver to requalify after being bumped; Cowboy O'Rourke; 1964 lemon on a string; 2006 finish; best 500 performances by regular Nascar drivers; most consistent qualifying laps; Bill Cantrell (boat racer); John Posey; Eddie Johnson; Eddie Rickenbacker (Medal of Honor winner)

5-10-2009: Sid Collins, Donald's 1964 experiences; emotional Victory Lane celebrations; traditional bumping rules; George Salih 1957 laydown car, Belond Exhaust Special, Howard Gilbert; Hurtubise, Mallard; most laps led in a 500; history of attendance growth

5-11-2009: (M) Chuck Stevenson; Donald steers a 500 car; Alley Cats; Sid Collins memories, participation of Purdue band; Karl Kizer; (P) scoring pylon and displays; timing and scoring; Phil Krueger; requirement for riding mechanic; (J) Bob Swanson; Tony Hulman, Homer Cochran; Ray Paschke; (D) Dee Jones; Mike Mosley; Jim Philippi; Jack Brabham qualifying 1961

5-12-2009: Denny Zimmerman, only Indy 500 driver in Soap Box Derby final; Chuck Engle; USAC stock car drivers; Spike Gehlhausen; Usona Purcell; Agajanian/King 1976, Foyt; Ray (or Sam) Price; Ken Schrader 1983, Grant King; Bill Holland; (J) Cecil Green; Spike Gehlhausen, Sta On Car Glaze WIRE Special, Bill Alsup 1979; Jim Robbins car in the garage; garage overflow, Bob Olmstead, Ed Finley, Screaming Eagle; (D) Wayne Ewing; Mike Mosley 1981; Gentlemen, Start Your Engines, Irish Horan

5-13-2009: (M) Mike Mosley, 1975 Sugaripe Prune drivers, Jud Phillips; Lloyd Ruby funeral, 1964 race result; Henry Banks; Cleon Reynolds; Shorty Templeton; Duane Carter; Bettenhausen family; spectator injuries 1973

5-14-2009: Duane Carter sprint career; (M) Sam Sessions; IMS radio announcers; old race broadcasts; Duesenberg; (P) Wally Meskowski; large starting fields; Antares car; Frances Perkins, Joel Thorne; Chuck Daigh, Scarab name, 1956 Ford record run, "Charlie George"; (J) Rodger Ward; (D) Johnny Thomson; Rich Vogler

5-15-2009: Turbines; Peter Revson; Wilbur Shaw; winning riding mechanics; Grant King; Rolla Vollstedt, school bus engine, Roger Rager

5-16-2009: history of scoring pylon; Peter Bryant, George Follmer; Foyt's closest win; Elmer George v Eddie Russo, Race of Two Worlds, Monza; T cars; Bob Christie; Walter Brookins altitude record

5-17-2009: close qualifying fields; Smokey Yunick, Kenny Rich, Paul Lacy; Fittipaldi's orange juice; Howdy Wilcox (2nd 1932); rumble strips; Teddy Mayer, Tim Mayer, Tyler Alexander, McLaren, Mayer Motor Racing; 1973 accidents; last front engine car; AJ Shepherd; John Andretti; Jigger Sirois, Rick Muther; Studebaker; worst starting position of winner

5-18-2009: Ed Elisian, 1958 pace laps; (D) Bob Scott; Penske 1994 and 1995; Sid Collins and Paul Page; (P) Teddy Yip; Alfonso de Portago; 1960 chief mechanic; Smokey Yunick 1974; (J) Johnnie Parsons (Sr); 1976 National Rental Car trip around the world; Borg Warner Trophy; Aldo Andretti in 1969 pictures; Best one-time winner; shuttle trains to the track, first in line; 1971 pole qualifying, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson

5-19-2009: Alice "Baby" Hoffman, Tom Beall; Parnelli's problems in 67 race, Wayne Weiler, 1965 race highlights, WWII veterans in the 500, (D) Bobby Grim; Billy Arnold; Luther Johnson, Studebaker; (P) Wally Dallenbach; Fred Frame; Chevrolet brothers in Indianapolis

5-20-2009: Pit stop rules, 1965 tire war, 1965 fuel requirement; end of JC Agajanian participation; Larry Rice passes (long reminiscence); Lorenzo Bandini, Wally Weir; Parnelli and Lotus; (M) AJ Foyt in F1, the 500 Song, Joe Jordan, the Singing Hoosiers; Rich Vogler; last carburetor; Ralph Liguori; Gene Hartley; rules for allowing cars to finish the race distance; (D) Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962; Tony Bettenhausen Jr; longest continuous participation; Leader Cards

5-21-2009: McLaren team; History of IMS control towers; (J) Eddie Sachs; (P) Louis Schweitzer Award, Roman Slobodynskyj; showing and demonstrating the Marmon Wasp since 1961; Wayne Alspaugh; Tom Bagley; Foyt Riverside stock car crash; Chickie Hirashima; Jim Malloy; Mike Mosley 1971, 1972; Mom Unser, chili; Don Branson

5-22-2009: George Barringer; Jimmy Daywalt; Jack McGrath, Jack Hinkle, Jack Beckley; Lew Welch, Novi; John Totten

5-23-2009: no show

5-24-2009: Danny Sullivan's career pre Indy, Dr Frank Faulkner; highest race day temperature, top finisher ever from back row; pit and caution speeds; first driver to win three races with same team and paint scheme; Oldest driver in 500, last race fatality; women over the pit wall; all of the cars going into pits or staying out under yellow; youngest three time winner, most wins with same team; rejected Indy drivers; 500 superstitions; oldest ROY, most finishers on lead lap; Chuck Stevenson Syracuse crash; tallest and shortest drivers; most women finishers; 2009 race result

Brickyard 400 week

7-20-2009:(see following show for correction) first driver in both Daytona 500 and Indy 500; Smokey Yunick's Indy 500 career; Ernie Ruiz; (D) Walter Cronkite; Cale Yarborough at Indy; memories of Bobby Johns, Bill Holland 1950 match race; bringing Nascar to Indy; 1964 Belgian Grand Prix; worst starting position for Brickyard winner, most Brickyard poles

7-21-2009: effect of changes at IMS; corrections on preceding show; relief drivers; Daytona brush fire; Ray Campbell, Sherman "Red" Campbell, Carl Scarborough; changes of Brickyard weekend schedule; Barney Oldfield, Miller "Golden Submarine"; Tim Richmond; (Rodger Ward Jr) years when a chassis or engine dominated the field; charity functions

7-22-2009: (J) Lee Roy Yarbrough; Jack Mackenzie; Jim Hurtubise beer in the car; 1944 Wilbur Shaw tire test; Harry Coburn and other official photographers; Dempsey Wilson, Jimmy Daywalt; 500 drivers with outstanding qualifying histories, history of acquiring the Marmon Wasp; first stock cars at IMS; Nigel Mansell at IMS

7-23-2009: Donnie Allison at 500; stockblock Chryslers in 50s; history of surface; geometry of track; Jim McGee; nondestructive metals testing, Leonard Wexler; (P) drivers doing the double in the 70s; Bud Moneymaker, Checkered Flag Tavern

7-24-2009: (M) Marshall Teague; (D) 1963 Yankee 300; George Morris, 4 time winners at IMS; Brickyard and 500 drivers

Notations: (D)ave from Marion, (J)erry from Delphi, (P)aul from Racine, (M)ike from Vernon Hills

2010 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

-WFNI 1070 The Fan
-Donald joined by new Co-Host Kevin Lee
-Show reduced back to a one hour show from 6-7 pm
-Trackside aired from 7-8 pm on 1070 AM
-Second hour of TOGA aired on Network Indiana from 7-8 pm for most of the month (podcast available for download)
-Podcasts downloadable online

5-3-2010: (M) Johnny Aitken; racing history of "Calhoun" roadster; new IICS chassis; AJ Foyt comes to the 500; (D) Rex Mays, safety equipment; relief drivers in winning cars, position changes on the track after the winner finishes; Danny Ongais; Gordon Pipers; fewest, most miles by winning driver (inc co-drivers); Pete Halsmer; ever any plans for right hand turns

5-4-2010: why was IMS concerned about top speed early in its history; "Umbrella" Mike Boyle nickname; pacer lights, yellow flag procedure; non racing occupations (Jim McElreath, Len Sutton, Chuck Rodee, Joe Saldana, Lloyd Ruby); qualifying days in the 70s; Arlene Hiss, Mike Hiss; Chicago Gang; Lotus 64 in Barber museum; Lee Kunzman

5-5-10: Sid Collins; 1909 1910 IMS drivers who weren't in a 500; introduction of team spotters, functions of riding mechanics, removing gauges; Cal Niday, collectible card; Bob Harkey; Dan Gurney; Kennedy Tank, local sponsors

5-6-2010: (D) Jud Phillips sprint cars, Carl Forberg; Michael Chandler; (P) Rose and Herb Wysard; more local sponsors; Lou Palmer; (M) Jud Phillips; Bessie Lee Paoli, cars sold between women owners; rules about staying in the car after an accident; Greg Beck; Champion Spark Plug Highway Safety Team

5-7-2010: balloon races; Ward, Rathmann, Watson, Zink, Wilke, Leader Card, George Amick; Bill Schindler, Al Miller (1932), Gordon Smiley; insurance laps, racing after the checkered flag, 1937 fuel economy; (M) Roger McCluskey; rivalries, Al Unser Jr, Michael Andretti, Unsers and Andrettis winning Rookie of the Year

5-8-2010: no show

5-9-2010: no show

5-10-2010: mini marathon; CW Belt (Clarence), first V-type engine at IMS, Les Anderson, Bill Cantrell; fan reaction to turbines; Water for Wilbur, milk; Paul Goldsmith; other turbine cars; "World's fastest flying start"; Milwaukee after IMS; (P) Art Sparks; Johnny Parsons Jr "qualifying" for Foyt; Eddie Rickenbacker plane crash; (D) Hut Hundred; Mike Magill (incomplete recording)

5-11-2010: (M) Jim Phillipi; 1959 Daytona USAC championship race; planning and paying for relief drivers; (D) Chickie Hirashima; living IMS Hall of Fame members; crashed cars left around the track; classifying running cars ahead of cars that complete more laps; Unsers and Andrettis in the 500; (D) Larry Rice; Billy Garrett; 1996 Buddy Lazier win; 1971 pace car crash; Norman Timbs

5-12-2010: origins of sprint car racing; Charlie Profitt, Lloyd Ruby; Lee Wallard, fast line around the track; Pop Myers; Harlan Fengler; (J) Norm Houser, Thane Houser; best average for first five starts; David Hobbs; Al Bloemker; (P) Ralph Ruttman; Foyt checkered uniforms, ballgames in garage area; Lotus Ford, Dan Gurney, Jim Clark, Colin Chapman, last carburetors; memory of seeing "500 Miles to Go" in book store; Nordyke mills, Marmon family; (J) Jackie Holmes

5-13-2010: driver with most starts before winning (see also 5-14); racing families connected by marriage; (M) 1965 rookies; Cliff Woodbury, Howdy Wilcox II (1932); Raul Boesel 1993; Bob Fletcher (see also 5-14); Jackie Holmes; 1973; Ernie Triplett, Poison Lil; (J) 1973; last, fastest front engine cars; most starters, first Indiana born winner, first 33 car field

5-14-2010: (M) Joe Cloutier; Bob Fletcher's drivers, driver with most starts before winning (Sam Hanks); Bruton Smith involvement; Dick Simon after Scandia; (D) drivers who qualified an upright car, a roadster, and an RE car, Stan Fox; Ron Hemelgarn, Delta; recent fatalities; (J) Cotton Henning; Lou Moore; turbines, last front engine qualifier; Valerie Bettenhausen; Jimmy Kite; (D) Bob Scott; (J) Al Putnam; 1929 Altoona, Ray Keech

5-15-2010: 1964 Thompson cars, Peter Bryant, Eddie Sachs; history of qualification rules; Angelo Pizzo 1911 movie project; source of bricks, origin of Speedway souvenirs; passing of Graham Hill, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson; car on the roof

5-16-2010: flagmen, positions; Tom Binford; recent active Nascar driver and F1 driver in the 500; Lloyd Ruby at Le Mans; Leon Duray, Johnny Hannon, Clay Weatherly; Dick Sommers, Eddie Sachs, MVS, DVS; Mark Donohue; Whittington brothers; Lotus sponsorship in 2010; launching Indianapolis Raceway Park; astronauts, Grissom, Cooper

5-17-2010: Jimmy Caruthers; chief mechanics driving shakedown laps; Bud Winfield, creation of Novi, Lew Welch, Jean Marcenac; first TV broadcast of 500; Ted Horn; Gasoline Alley in Paterson NJ; Jean Marcenac (Novi); origin of word "Indy"; Ora Haibe, Swan Ostewig (Oleson), Frank Elliott, Louie Meyer; (D) 1962 race highlights, Eddie Sachs, Offy sounds; Derek Daly; (J) Overton "Bunny" Phillips; Joe Boyer, Ray Keech, Altoona; white/green color scheme at IMS, highest qualified position that has been bumped, provisional pole sitter bumped, Myron Fohr

5-18-2010: 1911 results; female team owners, entrants; Nascar drivers in the 500, Jerry Sneva qualifying, Ed Elisian; oldest and earliest living winner (Jim Rathmann 1960); 1971 pace car crash; Clint Brawner; pace car announcements and changes; (D) movie stars greeting winner; Roberto Guerrero, Jim Crawford; Russ Snowberger, Federal Engineering; John Jones; Norman Batten

5-19-2010: Sumar, Don Smith, Chapman Root, Gene Force, Jimmy Daywalt, streamliner; Jackie Stewart pushes car; experience with fatalities; Bill Cantrell (boat racer), Fageol; Penske 1995; drivers rooming with local families, Jimmy Bryan; Ray Harroun, nickname, Larry Bisciglia; Jim Shelton and other announcers; Manny Ayulo; John DePalma; Earl DeVore; public address at IMS; S.F. Brock; Wayne Woodward, Mark Hughes

5-20-2010: Angelo Pizzo 1911 movie project; Lloyd Ruby gravestone marker, Mongoose car, Gene White, Dave Laycock; Jimmy Snyder; drivers rooming with local families, Jimmy Bryan after 1958 race; veteran drivers visiting in May; Billy Englehart; (M) Billy Arnold; replica of Sachs' 1964 Shrike, Bill Lear steam car; (J) Mel Hansen; Johnny Aitken, Tom Kincade (or Kincaid); Speedway Motel; JC Agajanian

5-21-2010: identical qualifying laps; Hurtubise 1978 qualifying; Hurst Floor Shift Special, sidecar, Smokey Yunick career, Bobby Johns; Bob Harkey; (P) Victor McLaglen; AJ Foyt and Tony Hulman, Tim Richmond; Fred Lecklider, George Lynch; Bob Swanson; (M) Clark Gable, Jack Benny at Indianapolis; Offy sounds, Frankie Del Roy; Bill Vukovich; Howdy Bell

5-22-2010: pole day results; Jerry Karl; 2010 qualifying system; Jim Rathmann, Dick Rathmann, oldest living winner; pole interview; improvements from spending extra money; co-winners, relief drivers for winners; why requalifying; changing drivers for qualifying; new qualifying format; uncredited relief drivers for winners

5-23-2010: no show

5-24-2010: (part 1, incomplete show) Bobby Rahal, Mike Groff, 1993, 1994, Honda; Rodger Ward 1965; first crashed qualified car to be reinstated to the race (Saavedra); Jean Marcenac career before Novi; Mel Torme, singers for Back Home Again in Indiana; oldest car to qualify for the 500, Gordon Johncock; Travis "Spider" Webb; Bob Moorhead, John Martin; driver analysts on race broadcasts; (part 2, incomplete show) oldest winning car, Mark Donohue; (J) Shorty Templeman; badge 99 and other numbers, Clarence Cagle; Ray Pixley; drivers bumped twice in a year, drivers finishing last more than once; (P) Jim Hall

5-25-2010: resolving last 2010 qualifying positions; horsepower and handling advantages; Sachs' tire in 1961, fuel capacity in 1964; Johnny Aitken, 1916 Harvest Classic; Cliff Griffith

5-26-2010: surprising 500 winners; (M) 1941 recap; Eddie Johnson 1964; Hulman purchase and rehabilitation for 1946, sale of concession rights; (P) Tom Bagley; car on the roof, its history; inverting field; Borg Warner Trophy history; oldest winning cars; Sumar streamliner; Indianapolis auto makers in the 500; last front engine cars to attempt to participate

5-27-2010: The Auto Racing Hall of Fame at IMS; rivalries, Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr, Bobby Rahal; locations of Mario's 1969 cars; starter's flag position, chief steward's position in race control; Bill Vukovich; FIA Superlicense exclusivity requirement; Hanford Speedway; using a part from a parked car, Chet Miller, 1930, John Dillinger; first 1909 race winner at IMS, Louis Schwitzer; T car; Jim Crawford, Buick V6, Pat Bedard; winner who led most laps in race; mini bikes at the Speedway; Spike Gehlhausen

Notations: (D)ave from Marion, (J)erry from Delphi, (P)aul from Racine, (M)ike from Vernon Hills

No Brickyard shows

2011 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

(D) = Dave from Marion
(P) = Paul in Racine
(J) = Jerry from Delphi

Mon 5-2-2011 - Ted Horn, "Rookies" in 1911 (as opposed to those who drove in IMS events in 1909-10), Bobby Johns, Cliff Durant, Jud Phillips (D), Russ Snowberger

Tue 5-3-2011 - Sea Snack Shrimp Cocktail Special, Ray Harroun before 1911, Sumar Special, Jerry Hoyt (D), 1941 garage fire, Harry Hartz, Walt Faulkner

Wed 5-4-2011 - Mel Leighton, Kenny Brack, Leon Duray, Roberto Guerrero, Dan Gurney, Paul Weirick, James "Radio" Gardner, Peter Revson

Thu 5-5-2011 - Ralph DePalma, Chickie Hirashima, Ebb Rose's party (D), Eddie Johnson, Myron Stevens, Track ownership,

Fri 5-6-2011 - Bobby Unser, Roger McCluskey, Pace Car drivers, Mark Donohue,

Sat 5-7-2011 - F-1 Champs at Indy, Arnie Knepper, Drivers staying with locals, Bump Day 2011, A.J. Watson, Bud Tinglested, Bobby Marshman, Coronoa California, Donald's favotire people?

Sun 5-8-2011 - Eddie Sachs, Teo Fabi, Andy Linden (D), Clark & Hill coming? (Opps they're dead)/1937 finish/Gary Bettenhausen, Zionsville plug, Rex Mays/Bill Holland, Eppen family, Jimmy Caruthers, Allen Crowe/Joe Quinn, Ronnie Duman

Mon 5-9-2011 - Fire suits in the pits (Sandy Andretti), Roman Slobodynskyj, Drivers becoming "full time" (income-wise), Kennedy Tank Special (P), the Wonder Bread balloon logo, Donald's first 500 memory/first times trying to hear the radio broadcasts, Ralph Hepburn's track record in 1946, Luke Walton

Tue 5-10-2011 (E-mail only show) - Mel Kenyon, Location of the S/F line, Winners who weren't listed on the entry list/had few practice laps, Eddie Cheever, Foyt book, Dick Simon, Jimmy Daywalt, Native Hoosiers winning the 500, (Jim/Dick Rathmann name change), Naming cars "Specials", Billy Vukovich III & Rich Volger

Wed 5-11-2011 - Tom Carnegie, Mauri Rose in 1941 (won the pole and race in different cars) and winners who had relief, Bob Fletcher, Frank Fiore, Rodger Ward (J), Lee Elkins (P), Jim McGee

Thu 5-12-2011 - More on Bob Fletcher, Masten Gregory (including Gregory at 1965 Le Mans), Books about the 500, Frank Lockhart, the term "Special", Donald's book/Howard Keck (P), the Vukovich car.

Fri 5-13-2011 - Fred Frame, First driver bumped, first qualified car withdrawn, Ray Nichels, where are Jim Crawford (deceased) and Mark Dimsore now, Vintage cars, Joe Silnes and the Tuffy Offy, Novi's racing at other tracks besides Indy? ("Monza 500"), the book "30 Days in May" (1970), Donald's favorite years, Swede Savage & Armando Terran in 1973

Sat 5-14-2011 - Opening day practice recap, Eddie Rickenbacker's influence, Relief drivers in 1953 & 1954 - hottest 500's, Any living driver from before WWII? (No), Gold brick from 1910?, What happened to the old fuel tanks/Dick King (P), Pat Crocky, Deidt chassis, Why did the classic cars run Friday instead of Carb Day? More on Fred Frame

Sun 5-15-2011 - The piano in the IMS museum (it's from closing ceremonies at the '84 L.A. Olympics), Floyd Roberts crash in 1939, Rodger Ward from 1959-64, George Snider, where is Josele Garza, Kurtis that Firestone used to test tires, Mickey Thompson cars, new Indycar designs, Cliff Durant multi-car teams in 1923-24, Billy Boat's bump day in 2000, others who have qualified cars without practice

laps, The White Front (bar)/Walt Meyers on opening day 1974, Lou Palmer

Mon 5-16-2011 - Louis Schneider, What would Pat Vidan think of Seth Kline?, "Drivers to your cars", Bud Jones (IMS Photographer), history of tire manufacturers, Art Malone (J), it's Dave from Marion's birthday tomorrow, Johnny Thompson (D), Johnny Carson driving the Turbine in the fall of 1967, Alberto Ascari

Tue 5-17-2011 - The hangar to house the hot air ballons/Oldest building still standing at IMS/Green folding chairs, Speedway parody show/songs played on WIBC in the early 70s, Drivers who passed away within 5 years of winning the race, Brief discussion about safety, George Souders, 500 winners from Arizona, other winner birthplaces, living drivers from the 50s, Raising the arm while driving, Entry Lists, 13 bars on the grill of the Vukovich winner, someone trying to get Donald to tell the Jigger Sorois story, Bobby Ball

Wed 5-18-2011 - Ontario Motor Speedway, Drivers playing baseball during downtimes, Recounting the "tired" stories, Johnnie Tolan, Frankie DelRoy (D), Larry Zimmerman?, Earl Cooper, Smokey Yunick at IMS

Thu 5-19-2011 - (E-mail Show only) - David Hobbs, Why Al Unser Sr. and Jim Hall split after 1979, breaking the 200 mph barrier in 1977, Why were there 35 cars in the 1979 race (also quick question if Janet Guthrie was in '79 race), will Jaques Villeneuve be at the track (?), what happening with Fabrizio Barbazza (other rookies of the year than never came back, never had another good finish), Stan Fox, Drivers who crashed late while leading, Where is Arie Luyendyk's track record holding car (at the museum), Why Janet Guthrie's car in 1977 was started by a female crew member (Kay Bignotti), Rolla Volsted can't come to the race, the book "Along for the Ride" about Bob Sweikert

Fri 5-20-2011 - Gene Marsenac between 1932-47, Where on the track is the 2.5 miles measured from/how far do the cars travel, Why does the word "Sweeptstakes" appear on the tickets/another Jim Hurtubise caller about "the last roadster", Eldon Rassmussen, Jim Trueman, Tom Bigelow, Andy Grantelli

Sat 5-21-2011 - (Pole Day post show w/ Jake Query) Pole day recaps, Former Pole Winners photo shoot, Indy 500 military veterans, Wheeler-Schebler factory, Canadian pole winners/race winners (only 1), Larry Rice, Car #77 on the pole before? TK in? Oldest surviving 500 veteran/oldest living winner, Jim McWithey, Numerous female drivers/Sarah Fisher first to be pregnant.

Sun 5-22-2011 - (First hour) Drivers bumping out teammates, aerial bombs at the start, more Canadians, and old friend calls up about Jigger Sorios donating books, Tagliani's team full time?/Pace Car crash-1971, Jones/Maley special mounted on top of Safety Auto Glass building (Second hour) A car in the museum that's Donald's personal favorite/other winning cars/the Marmon, most former winners in the 1992 field, more on Jim Hurtubise...again, Driver who won one and a half race (Howdy Wilcox)/Howdy Wilcox II and his diabetes, Ray Nichols/Paul Russo's "Basement Bessie", Roger Rager's 1980 'schoolbus' engine, brothers finishing 1st-2nd (none), special thanks

Mon 5-23-2011 - Kenny Brack, Mario's 1984 qualifying attempt (car quit), Bud Winfield, Henry Ford fronting money for the Novi?, Kim & Barry Green, L.L. Corum, Bob Scott (D), D.A. Lubricants, Carl Haas/Paul Goldsmith, 1946 Indy 500 radio broadcast and downloading old race broadcasts

Tue 5-24-2011 - Pat Vidan, Paul Russo, Tree in turn one and turn four (P), Russ Douden/Jim McElreath/Sam Sessions, Linda Vaugh, Cliff Griffith, Bridge across backstretch (Bernie Herman reporting Bill Vukovich's crash)

Wed 5-25-2011 - (Show pre-empted for severe weather coverage; podcast only) Donald discusses things he disagrees with Charles Leershen (who was just on Trackside) about "urban legends" about the 1911 race/Ralph Mulford/etc., Graham Hill, "To Please a Lady"/Cara Cookbook & Novella Morales/Alex Morales, One-off drivers who won,

Thu 5-26-2011 - (E-mail only show) Ray Harroun in the book "500 Miles To Go"/Again dispelling the myth about Harroun's '75 mph story', Largest/smalled engine to win, Biography on Eddie Rickenbacker, the Penske Mercedes from 1994, Green car superstition, 1964 Front Row photo (Dan Gurney in place of Clark), Louis Schnider, Mention of this Episode Guide on TrackForum, Beer Signs/Sterling Beer, Will Donald be a Wikipedia editor?, Umbrella Mike, Photo from 1938 of Marmon Wasp with words painted on the engine cover, 6 English drivers in the race/All-time record for Brits, John Walters at WIBC, Billy Arnold, What's planned for race weekend (Autograoh session, former winners, classic cars, etc.)

Fri 5-27-2011 - Final 'regular' show of the month; Donald only (Kevin Lee was at the Burger Bash); Talking about the Friday former winner autograph session...Parnelli saves the day, Andy Granatelli's book "They Call Me Mr. 500"...did Andy write it? (No)/The Autocourse Book...any correction or ommisions?, Len Sutton, Joe Lenke/AARC "Strike", Pete Wales and the 'Midnight Ride of Ed Elisian', 35 Drivers in the 1979 race, More about the Saturday autograph session, More questioning of Charles Leershen's 1911 500 book, Stutz & Kaiser Frasier, Wrapping up the show...one last complaint about "mis-information" about the 1911 book, Paul Goldsmith, Thanks to show contributors/producers: Matthew Berh (SP?), Matt Hicks, Scott Johnson.

Notes: -Show aired on 1070 The Fan.
-Show moved to 8 pm...immediately followed "Trackside with Curt and Kevin" at 7 pm
-Kevin Lee was the host. Curt Cavin subbed for Lee on the first two days due to Lee returning from Brazil race.
-No Brickyard shows

2012 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

Donald Davidson with Kevin Lee and/or Curt Cavin
-Weeknights at 8-9 p.m. / Weekends at 6 p.m.

Tue 5-1-2012: No show...Kevin Lee was still traveling back from the Brazil race; and Donald's history class was finishing up its final night.

Wed 5-2-2012: Welcome, brief discussion about Donald's IUPUI class, brief history of "The Talk of Gasoline Alley", Bob Harkie, Jim McGee, Sid Collins and IMS Radio Network, man who drove his motorcycle around the track after the in the late 60s/early 70s, Mickey Thompson, NASCAR drivers at Indy in the late 1960s and 1970s, (Dave from Marion) Clare Lawicki and Billy Cassella, (Mike) follow-up on Mickey Thompson's murder, Elmer George.

Thu 5-3-2012: Floyd Roberts, stickers put on cars in the museum, George Robson and Hal Robson, history of "Back Home Again in Indiana" (Paul), history about the building of the grandstands, Ed Ames, 1967 finish

Fri 5-4-2012: Charlie Kimball commercial as the "first" driver to compete in the 500 as a diabetic (also Howdy Wilcox II), Gordon Johncock, more on Jim Nabors and the years he missed (extra details on John Davies' performance in 1986), drivers returning to Indy after a long period away (Michel Jourdain Jr., etc), a successor for Donald, Mike Mosley (not answered), Donald thinks about an Indy trivia contest, winner who wasn't in the race the year before (Al Unser in 1970), was 2011 one of Donald's favorite?/Sam Sessions (Paul)

Sat 5-5-2012: (two hours) Recap of the show format and some items from 2011 (autograph session, "The Photograph," 20 former winners, etc.), history of the Pole Position Winning Mechanics award dinner, Paul Page, 1947-48 silver car called the Don Lee Special Mercedez-Benz (did not belong to Mussolini), Kentucky Derby/Tony Hulman Classic, more about "The "Photograph" from 2011, Johnny Thompson in 1960 ad the 1960 Ward/Rathmann battle, Eddie Sachs, the 1916 300-mile race, Walt Faulkner, annual silent auction in Lafayette, official margin of victory for the 2011 finish (under yellow), Parnelli Jones in other races with the Turbine? (no), winners who raced against their brother they year they won, Diana Shore's 1955 rendition of "Back Home Again in Indiana"...list of "Back Home" performers...(again!), World Championship points earned at Indy, Mario Andretti participating in both Indy and F1 races at the same time, MCA Closed-Circuit telecasts, Carl Fisher hot-air balloon stunt

Sun 5-6-2012: (two hours) Bill Homeier, Frank Fiore in 1971, mechanic Mark Bridges, Bronze Badges (Paul from Racine), Chuck Marloe, Janet Guthrie, Bob Forbes, Didier Theys, Milka Duno, Mauri Rose (Jerry from Delphi), the book "Blood and Smoke" about the 1911 race (Donald says 'a Horrible book'), other books about the very early years

Mon 5-7-2012: Pete Halsmer, George Souders, the 33 Super Bowl "Super cars" from February 2012, the 33 winning cars photo shoot that occurred in October 2010, what year did all the prize money cover all the positions, Cyrus Patschke / Ray Harroun's 75 mph plan, Paul in Racine is involved in other conversation!, Cotton Henning (Jerry in Delphi), Bill Cummings, Donald's favorite piece of trivia (never a driver named Smith), Lee Kunzman (Paul)

Tue 5-8-2012: Eddie Johnson, stories and visitors in the photo shop, Floyd clymer and the annual yearbooks, earliest film footage of the race with actual sound, Tony Hulman was a frequent customer at a Terra Haute cleaners (wearing a corduroy jacket), more memories of Tony Hulman

Wed 5-9-2012: Eddie Sachs and Troy Ruttman in 1962, the Wood Brothers pitting for Jim Clark's Lotus team in 1965...and how people overstate their accomplishments, does Donald participate in rookie orientation (no)...rookies interested in the history of Indy, Frank Lockhart, car owner Usona Purcell from Vincennes, George Barringer's rear-engined car destroyed in 1941 in a fire in the garage area, other rear-engined cars in the early years, drivers in the 500 who drove with one leg (lost limb), gravity feed fueling outlawed, Art Cross, Kansas drivers and the Indy 500, the Last Row Party (Paul in Racine), oldest rookie to win the race (not answered, out of time)

Thu 5-10-2012: the 1930's "Junk Formula" / Fronty Ford Special (Frontenac) and taking a spring off of a spectator's car, 17th & Gent Boyle garage building, Johnny Mantz, John Paul Jr. (Paul), most consecutive years a driver has led a lap, oldest rookie winner, 1972 Wally Dallenbach with fires during three of his pit stops, last car with wire wheels, old bridge over the backstretch, Jim Hurtubise wheeling out the Mallard front engined car in the 1970s

Fri 5-11-2012: Late qualifying runs in 1968, Statement on the program cover "Pay No More" (to counter the bootleg/alternate programs), Frank Briscoe, Bob Veith, radio broadcasts to download and on Youtube, Tony Hulman and the purchase of the Speedway, Steve Horne

Sat 5-12-2012: (First half phone calls portion) Affonse Giaffone in 1997 and other drivers who never took the green flag in their only appearance, Mike Spence, Judd Phillips and Mike Mosley, sprint and midget drivers of recent times, June 1910 first national aviation meet photo found in a restroom (actual event but doctored photo), Arie Luyendyk on opening day in 1989 driving in snow flurries, Donald Davidson memorabilia...the "Trivia Wheel", Buster Warke, re-answer a question...oldest rookie to win the race. (Second half e-mail portion) Winning drivers who did not lead at the white flag (2006 & 2011), Jules Goux drinking champagne during the 1913 race, Ralph Mulford eating chicken and sandwiches during the 1912 race, origin of the the term "pole position" and misuse of the term "pole" (outside pole, pole of such-and-such row), the Sumar team, details about the movie "Winning" with Paul Newman, Darrel Dockery in 1970, Evel Knievel's ties to the Speedway, Jim McWithey

Sun 5-13-2012: (two hours) Johnny Thompson (Dave from Marion), Charles Lytle, owner Kent Baker, Donald talks about his mother/family on Mother's Day, comment about the rookies on the speed chart this week...Sebastien Saavedra's bump day 2010, female car owners, oldest story in regards to the track, Scott Brayton...1996 pole day...1989 finish hypotheticals, Hagg Drugs store (lap prize donor), corrections from previous nights, first year that the observers crew was part of the track...history of yellow lights, Kenny Moran from Moran Electric...Turn Two Suites, the book "Wall Smacker" by Peter DePaolo...the 1920 finish with DePalma stalling while leading.

Mon 5-14-2012: Kenny Moran and The White Front bar, Jimmy Daywalt, Grant King, Jim McElreath (Paul)

Tue 5-15-2012: John Boiling, rookie class of 1965, Norman Batten, rookie class of 1963, famous sponsors from the old days...Bowes Seal Fast...Leaders Cards...Dean Van Lines, Chester Ricker and the starting line panoramic photgraph (appearing in both sides of the photo), Merle Bellanger, Basement Bessie, Peter DePaolo

Wed 5-16-2012: Ray Keech, Jack Turner, most influential people at the Speedway during the Hulman era, the attendance on pole day, what era had the highest attendance...why qualifying crowds went down, alternate starters

Thu 5-17-2012: (May 17 is Dave from Marion's birthday), starters/flagmen through the years, IMS Hall of Fame inductees for 2012 (Pat Vidan and Michael Andretti), Donald on the flagstand Thursday afternoon, Coke Lot in the shape of Indiana, milestones in speed records, Swede Savage, "Wee" Wilbur Shaw (incorrect) from the Brock Yates book "Umbrella Mike", Jeaneta Holder "The Quilt Lady"

Fri 5-18-2012: Louis “Curly” Wetteroth, Bob Scott, Johnny Capels (Paul), name for the creek that used to be in turn 1..."Dry Run Creek"

Sat 5-19-2012: (Pole Day) First pace car (1911), 1977 Walther buying Puterbaugh's car, drinking alcohol the night before, quick question about the Fast 9 Shootout, Spider Webb, an old racer friend calls up...complaining about pop off valves...the Eddie Sachs interview (Lions Club?), Lou Palmer, Ken Miles

Sun 5-20-2012: (Bump Day) Trophies...Borg-Warner, Pole award, Wheeler-schebler Trophy, Stark & Wetzle Rookie of the Year award, Water from Wilbur (not discussed), the sign painted on the walls this year...first time?, 1949 Duke Nalon & Rex Mays in the Novis (planned to split 1st-2nd place money if they finished 1-2), Jean Alesi and minimum speed requirements, last time a qualifier was in the 2012 mph range, Larry "Boom Boom" Cannon, Don Branson, Danny Ongais in 1987...drivers who won the race without qualifying (none), best finishes for a car the driver didn't qualify (Sneva 80, Mario 81), Tony Stewart on bump day 2004, mechanics Edgar Elder, Joe Scopa, George Morris, USAC Hall of Fame ceremony, Mike Nazaruk, Johnnie Parsons 1950 engine block crack myth, Mario Andretti driving dirt cars, qualifying speed limits...Jim Hurtubise in the 1970s, A.J. Foyt driving for other owners (specifically in sprint cars)

Mon 5-21-2012: Bob Harkey in 1964 (the 1960 winning car), ASA Gary Poindexter, Ronney Householder, Board tracks, last year with open engine rules (1996), Barney Navaro, the Wing & Wheel logo, Dario Resta, Paul: Dan Cotter

Tue 5-22-2012: Fastest rookie qualifier luncheon, race with most Formula One veterans/F1 starts, Norman Hall, Lee Wallard and the "135 mph Club", U.E. Pat Patrick, most consistent qualifying laps, 1960 race winning chief mechanic (Chickie Hirashima...not Smokey Yunick), Eddie Sachs marching behind a band in 1963

Wed 5-23-2012: The old 1971-1973 version of the show (winning prizes to stump Donald), the term "Special" for the names of the cars, Jack C. Fox, Bobby Marshman, Bob Fletcher, hottest and coldest races in history, talking about this year's Last Row Party and autograph sessions.

Thu 5-24-2012: (E-Mail show only) Schedule of events for the weekend...autograph sessions, etc., favorite part of race morning, Bill Cantrell/Madison regatta, Tony Hulman shipping bricks to Chris Economacki in order to build a house, Bud Kerr, Sam Hanks, the 1976 jet dryer, Scott Brayton only pole winner not to start, Lap Prize Program, Larry Bisceglia, Fred Gerhardt,

Fri 5-25-2012: (Carb Day) Recap of former winners autograph session at the museum, 1968 Botany 500 entry, Hall of Fame ceremonies, Jim Phillipe, 1941 race...Mauri Rose, the pace car has more horsepower than the cars, pace car with least horsepower, will Donald create an on-line library of his Indy knowledge?, 1994 race

Sat 5-26-2012: No show...All Night Race party

Sun 5-27-2012: (Race day post-race show)

-No Brickyard shows

2013 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

1070 "The Fan" WFNI-AM and simulcast on 107.5 FM
-Co-host Kevin Lee
-Weeknights at 8-9 p.m. / Weekends at 6 p.m.

5-6-2013 (Mon): Jerry Baker, Jim Hurtubise and the front-engined Mallard, the 1913 race and Jules Goux drinking champagne, Helene Yockey the widow of both Joe Russo and Billy Winn, racing widows, Rodger Ward in 1966, Andy Evans

5-7-2013 (Tue): No show due to Pacers playoff game.

5-8-2013 (Wed): Follow-ups from Monday (Jerry Baker, Vincenzo Sospiri sleeping in his car, Andy Evans), Jerry Sneva and his qualifying atttempts, NASCAR drivers at the 500 (Kurt Busch), Richard Petty not wanting to drive in the 500, crew member from Sospiri's team calls in, Bob Sweikert's car from 1955, other pink cars in the 500, more on Billy Winn, Harry Butcher / the Butcher brothers, Hurley Heywood at Indy

5-9-2013 (Thu): Indy drivers who have won in NASCAR...drivers also in other races (24 Hours of Daytona), Alex Morales, Louis Meyer's spin in 1939 (shoes story), Emerson Fittipaldi's winner's photo shoot with $1 million dollars, car swaps like the Jeff Gordon / Juan Pablo Montoya Tradin' Paint, photos of The Beatles, Kevin Cogan, car number #1 and how numbers were assigned

5-10-2013 (Fri): Kepler's garage, 1971 Pace car crash, Salt Walther, tracks and drivers from Maryland, Michael Chandler, Norman Demler...also George Amick at Daytona 1959, Clint Brawner, Jerry Karl, Danny Ongais

5-11-2013 (Sat): Opening Day...E-Mail Only Show...Recap of opening day activities, Fabrizio Barbazza, Juan Montoya taking the bus tour, rookie of the year who did not return again, Danny Sullivan with the Alfa Romeo in 1991, Buddy Lazier stretching his arms in 1996, Tim Richmond and Johnny Rutherford in 1980, urban legends about Indy, fans over the years (Snakepit, etc.), car number with the most wins, 1956 Cagle's Miracle, qualifying procedures and schedules over the years, Bill Carlson (kerosone story)

5-12-2013 (Sun): Green unlucky for cars, Maserati's in the 1930 (drivers, owners, John Jacob Astor story), Len Terry, Jack Hewitt, Art Malone (also drivers still living who drove front engine cars), seat belt requirements, random call from "Bud", Jungle park Raceway, location for flag man (rope bridge), Eldon Rasmussen, is Donald's book in electronic format...second version coming out updated through 2013, follow-up on Baltimore, Rocky Moran, how many cars in the museum are replicas/etc.,

5-13-2013 (Mon): Steve and Sheldon Kinser, Japanese participation (including Chickie Hirashima), Eddie Sach and Troy Ruttman charing in 1962, Joe Boyer in 1925 (also releif drivers and co-winners), painting names on the pit wall, Andy Granatelli's 11 entries in 1968/69, one time winners vs. multiple winner (program cover of 2013 with multiple winners), last time two drivers were going for their 4th win, Donald's road trip with Rich Vogler (Vogler's theory on the USAC plane crash)

5-14-2013 (Tue): No show due to Pacers playoff game.

5-15-2013 (Wed): Tom Bagley (also drivers returning for the autograph sessions), follow-up on multiple drivers going for 4 wins (Johnny Rutherford), the 1978 USAC plane crash Rich Vogler story...the plane crash effect on formation of CART (doubtful), Mario Andretti's side of the story about the Danny Sullivan 1985 spin and win, Jerry Grant, Al Spires of Firestone, Chevrolet brothers steering arm story, Mike Mosely, history of the Speedway golf course,

5-16-2013 (Thu): No show due to Pacers playoff game.

5-17-2013 (Fri): Early years of Parnelli Jones, history of the Speedway Motel...The Beatles staying at the motel in 1964, Len Duncan, cars getting lapped, 60th anniversary of the IMS Radio Network, Ron Carrol, 1966 Jim Clark scoring controversey

5-18-2013 (Sat): Pole Day - No show due to Time trials running late and Pacers playoff game

5-19-2013 (Sun): Bump Day - Drivers with very little practice time qualifying on the same day...also George Snider in 1981, former winners on the last row, Jack McGrath, father/son combinations in the race, local Indianapolis area drivers winning the race, Alberto Ascari and Juan Manuel Fangio at Indy...also other European/F1 drivers, drivers exiting the race early...2006 Hemelgarn/Carmelo Anthony cars, follow-up on former winners starting in the last row, ID of photo...Ed Wintergust the "Mayor of Gasoline Alley", Speedway fatalities, Jerry Sneva, Bud Tinglestad, Mary Catherine "Mom" Unser...Indy chili, when did the green flag be used instead of the red flag, history of flagmen through the years, Monza 500, has there been a year where all cars finished (no), alternates...also Joel Thorne trying to buy his way into the 1937 race field, Spider Webb and Jungle Park, Sonny Meyer, Sheldon Kinser

5-20-2013 (Mon): A.J. Foyt only winner in front and rear engined cars, what car would Donald like to drive from the museum, Swift, Eddie Cheever and Bobby Rahal on Bump Day 1993, Al (Krulac) Miller, Leo Mehl of Goodyear, the #60 Wedge Turbine, Sarkes Tarzian, starting lineup by speed from top to bottom, Dick and Jim Rathmann, Bob Tattersall, follow up on Sheldon Kinser

5-21-2013 (Tue): Salt Walther, Pat Patrick and Gordon Johncock with STP, Dick Simon Racing shop at old Clermont fire station, Donald's Indianapolis Star columns, Bob Collins of the Star, Scott Brayton, 1994 Mercedes Benz 500I, 1989 hypothetical finish with Mario/Foyt/Brayton

5-22-2013 (Wed): (Show only on 1070 due to Pacers playoff game). E-mail show only...discussion of the autograph session, the 1991 race including the Michael Andretti/Rick Mears outside passes, Gordon Johncock in 1991, history of pit stops through the years, Wood Brothers 1965 myths, George Robson didn't get out of his car during pit stops in 1946, air/pnuematic jacks, brothers who led the race, aerial bombs at the start, longest stretch from rookie to race winner, Chuckie who sold newspapers on a tricycle bike, Gus Schrader, USAC spring champions on the pole

5-23-2013 (Thu): E-mail only show; Cincinnati's ties to the 500, 1916-1917 race could have been moved to boardtrack in Cincinnati, Johnny Herbert in 2002, Bump Day 1968 rain delay, other late days on the track, Harlan Fengler, riding mechanics (during time trials, relief riding mechanics, etc.), follow-up on Rocky Moran, Russ Snowberger, Brabham Repco engine, Peter Revson rookie of the year in 1969, engine problems with the Marmon Wasp on race morning 2011, the Whittington brothers, Dick Summers

5-24-2013 (Fri): Show only on 1070 due to Pacers playoff game. Co-hosted by Mike Thompsen, Dempsey Wilson, René Dreyfus and René Le Bègue in the 1940 race, Dick Jordan, Sid Collins, John Totten

5-25-2013 (Sat): No show...The 500 in 60 minutes shows ('11, '92, '60, '82, '55, '11, '92, '60)

5-26-2013 (Sun): Race day drive home show

Brickyard 400 week

7-23-2013 (Tue - Brickyard): Jim Clark, Dave MacDonald (before 1964), Dario Franchitti at the 2007 Indycar banquet, Roger McCluskey, Troy Ruttman, Mel Kenyon

7-24-2013 (Wed - Brickyard): A little mention of Wikipedia ("it's much better than it was"), Marshall Teague, Lee Roy Yarbrough, Jack Fox and "The Illustrated History of the Indianapolis 500" book, USAC Stock Car races at the Indiana State Fairgrounds, P.J. Chesson, Jimmy Kite, J.J. Yeley, Bay Darnell, Jerry Worland

7-25-2013 (Thu - Brickyard): Racing late in the day at the Speedway, Bobby Allison, Jack Bowsher, physical location of the start/finish line...has it moved over the years (yes), drivers in the Indy 500 and Brickyard 400 in the same year, Parnelli Jones hat story, Billy Roe, Ashley Judd

2014 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

1070 The Fan WFNI
7-8 pm: Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee
8-9 pm: The Talk of Gasoline Alley

Mon. 4-28-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Tue. 4-29-2014: (Email only show) Discussion of Donald's IUPUI class, was Gaston Chevrolet a naturalized U.S. citizen at the time his won the race?, film footage of races before WWI, films of races from 1930s, WGN radio at Indy in 1922 and early radio broadcasts, Happy 50th 500 for a listener, spectators with over 50 years in attendance, 500 compared to Kentucky Derby, Fred Frame, Donald in the booth in 1964, Al Holbert & Porsche Indy team, right foot braking, Honorary Referee...including Amelia Earhart in 1935, Jim Rigsby, milk tradition in the early years, Water From Wilbur, Bobby Unser didn't drink the milk in 1981, trivia: Dario Franchitti's top 5's and speed intervals by A.J. Allmendinger, Cal Niday, Tucker Special

Wed. 4-30-2014: Two-seater rides, Johnny Boyd [Dave from Marion], average number of laps completed by last place finisher, Greg Ray in 2000, Bob Wente, David Bruce-Brown, history of back Home Again in Indiana & Jim Nabors' final 500, the book "Black Noon" and Eddie Sachs.

Thu. 5-01-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Fri. 5-02-2014: (Curt Cavin sits in for Kevin Lee as host) Tommy Hinnershitz [Dave from Marion], Charlie Brockman, Shorty Templeman, Evel Knievel at Indy, the movie "Rush", the film documentary "Senna", Jim Hickman, Carl Fisher's Miami boat race with Indianapolis drivers, Mickey Rooney and "The Big Wheel", Donald and Kurt Twitter selfie, board tracks, Frank Arciero

Sat. 5-03-2014: No show scheduled

Sun. 5-04-2014: No show scheduled

Mon. 5-05-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Tue. 5-06-2014: 1964 A.J. Foyt Novi tire test, Bill Vukovich Jr., Jerry Unser, Bobby Unser early career, Speedway during WWI, early years European connections, Johnny Unser, George Bignotti, NASCAR Winston Cup champions at Indy

Wed. 5-07-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Thu. 5-08-2014: No show due to NFL Draft coverage

Fri. 5-09-2014: No show due to NFL Draft coverage

Sat. 5-10-2014: (G.P. Post Race Show)

Sun. 5-11-2014: No show?

Mon. 5-12-2014: Remembering A.J. Watson, Donald almost got a job on the Watson crew in 1964, Don Freeland, Buddy Lazier watch story, Dave from Marion disconnected, the old restaurant under the Tower Terrace, Darl Wibel, a thank you call, drivers winning two Indy/Championship races in the month of May

Tue. 5-13-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Wed. 5-14-2014: Follow-up on drivers winning two races in the month of May, Chuck Hulse [Mike from Vernon Hills], Bob Harkey, Donald coming to Indy...5/15/14 will be 50 years to the day, living drivers who raced front and rear engined cars, Bob Christie [Dave from Marion], Walter Cronkite at the Speedway, other celebrities receiving ovations from the crowd (1980 U.S. hockey team, Oscar Robertson, O.J. Simpson, etc.), year with the biggest crowd (maybe 1988 with 420,000), Lindsey Hopkins, Kevin & Donald lost power

Thu. 5-15-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Fri. 5-16-2014: (with Curt Cavin) History of rear engine cars - early years, Rudolf Caracciola, sale of the Speedway in 1945 - other interested buyers, information about the shutdown during WWII, Tony Hulman financing the purchase

Sat. 5-17-2014: (Time Trials)

Sun. 5-18-2014: (Time Trials)

Mon. 5-19-2014: Donald's two seater ride with Mario Andretti, remembering Jack Brabham, 1994 Mercedes-Benz 500I engine and the book "The Beast", Al Unser Jr. and Emerson Fittipaldi failing to qualify in 1995, Al Dean, possibility of bumping in 2016, Jack Adams Turbine car at museum, Le Mans Ferrari at IMS Museum, Louis Chevrolet Memorial, Denny Zimmerman, NASCAR Indy/Charlotte crossovers in the 1960s and 1970s

Tue. 5-20-2014: No show due to Pacers playoff game

Wed. 5-21-2014: Rundown of events coming up on race weekend, Kelly Petillo...including grandma, Mel Kenyon (including 1968 Dennis Hulme pit stop story), 1986 Tom Sneva pace lap crash and why they refilled the fuel tanks, 2014 race has three drivers (Tony Kanaan, Jacques Villeneuve, Juan Pablo Montoya) who won the last time they were in the race, other years with similar situations, Lloyd Ruby, Billy Englehart

Thu. 5-22-2014: (Email only show) Biggest upset/surprise winners, Galmer 1992 story, Mark Donohue, Elmer George...also Speedway bus track tours and Public address system during practice, music bands sponsoring cars (Aerosmith), Canadians in the 500, traditions Donald would like to see return, Speedway Motel and other motels/hotels in the vicinity of the Speedway (Holiday Inn/Classic Motor Inn, Howard Johnson), Juan Manuel Fangio's attempt at the 500, did Gilles Villeneuve express interest in the 500, vender setting up along 16th Street along Georgetown Road...also 16th Street Speedway and Donald's old house, cars continuing to race after the winner receives the checkered flag

Fri. 5-23-2014: Co-Host Greg Rakestraw, Bing Crosby and Bob Hope doing a war bonds rally at the Speedway in 945, rivalry between Barney Oldfield and Ralph DePalma, Paul Newman's driving career, Pacho Carter, Gus Hoffman, Legends Day discussion, qualifying races at Milwaukee, 25 cars in 1979 race, Mike Nazaruk

Sat. 5-24-2014: No show (night before 500) Marathon on "500 in 60" episodes

Sun. 5-25-2014: (Race Day Post Race Drive Home Show) Red flag discussion, Green-white-checkered discussion, Local television live coverage blackout, Ryan Hunter-Reay press conference, average speed discussion, yellow flag/cautions records, Rookie of the Year, best all-time "Double Duty" results, Townsend Bell crash, statistical milestones/notes, more caution-free/average speed discussions,pace car driver during caution periods, spotters (Buddy Rice), Ed Carpetner/James Hinchliffe crash, Sage Karam, dumb 'right turn' call, over 200 mph average as of lap 170, Jim Hurtubise, 1976 yellows, actual measured distance, 1964 winning car, historic cars from race morning, does the 1967 Turbine run, crowd and DW-12 races, four-time winners waits, Helio Castroneves retro Pennzoil paint scheme, final reflections on the month of May

Brickyard 400 week

Mon. 7-21-2014: (Brickyard) Red Byron, Tony Hulman riding in the pace car operating a film movie camera in the truck, the book "Black Noon", Roscoe Sarles, the nickname "Brickyard", the idea to leave one yard of bricks at the start/finish line, where replacement bricks are unearthed from, retaining wall, remembering Gary Lee (includes local television coverage of practice and qualifying), remembering James Garner, Bill Simpson, Scott Brayton

Tue. 7-22-2014: (Brickyard) Terra Haute Action Track, Chris Economacki, National Speed Sport News, Bill Holland and Mauri Rose "rivalry" at the Lou Moore Blue Crown Spark Plugs team (includes ASPAR in 1947, EZY sign, and Tony Bettenhausen Sr. not being on the team), Gordon Van Liew and the Vita Fresh Orange Juice Special (also Tony Bettenhausen, Jr.), married women in the 500, drivers with top 10s in both the 500 and 400, drivers who led both 500 and 400, the new pylon

Wed. 7-23-2014: (Brickyard) Public address system discussion, Buddy Baker, NASCAR regulars coming to the 500 (Double Duty, Crossovers, and pre-World 600 years), did A.J. Foyt lead first Brickyard 400 (no), Brickyard 400 PPG Trophy, kissing the bricks, Bob Burman, IROC at Indy

Thu. 7-24-2014: (Brickyard) How NASCAR came to Indy, Donald spotted for Bob Lamey in turn 4 (radio) for the first Brickyard 400, memories of the first Brickyard 400, Jimmy Reece, Fred Lorenzen at the Speedway

Fri. 7-25-2014: (Brickyard) [Curt Cavin sits in for Kevin Lee as co-host] Origins of the infield road course and the original 1909 plans for a road course layout, more on 1992 & 1993 Brickyard tests, history of the pylon, the new pylon, recognizable landmarks at the Speedway(includes the Master Control Tower, new garage area, trees in turn one), wind sock on the top of the pylon...also Prest-O-Lite chimney smokestack on Main Street, Celebrities Donald has seen/met at the Speedway museum (includes some history of Donald as a projectionist), drivers with knowledge of the history of racing, Yankee 300 at Indianapolis Raceway Park, Donald's IUPUI class

2015 Talk of Gasoline Alley episodes

1070 The Fan WFNI
7-8 pm: Trackside with Curt Cavin & Kevin Lee
8-9 pm: The Talk of Gasoline Alley

Mon. 5-4-2015: Jim Clark at Springfield in Bobby Marshman's dirt car, Donald's tea with Jim Clark, also...when races stopped being one-day events and races on consecutive days, Sally Stokes (Jim Clark's then-girlfriend), Don Freeland (Dave from Marion), 1924 and 1941 co-winners, Teddy Tetzlaff, Ray Harroun as team manager for the Maxwell team using kerosne in 1914 race, Cliff Bergere in 1941 going 500 miles wihout a pit pit stop, other cars that went 500 miles without a pit stop, Mickey Thompson (Paul from Racine).

Tue. 5-5-2015: Dan Gury car #48 connection with A.J. Foyt/Alex Tagilani entry, Mario Andretti's 1969 Lotus 64, what became of the Lotus cars after mario's practice crash, Johnny Rutherford, also the Rutherford "Bullwip" story, Russ Snowberger, George Snider ("Ziggy"), includes Snider 1981 qualifying story, superstitions (green cars, #13, peanuts).

Wed. 5-6-2015: [Curt Cavin sits in as co-host], 1965 rookie class, Panch Carter, Allen Crowe, the old Speedway offices downtown (444 N. Capital), first museum, first winner's ring, Donald takes a ride in a pace car with Dave Furst to Long's Donuts, cars required to start the race on the tires they qualified with, story about lady who hid the confiscated tires until race morning in her garage, Jim Hickman, 1982 rookie class, Roger Rager...including the 1980 "school bus engine", Luigi Villoresi (Dave from Marion).

Thu. 5-7-2015: The book "Dead Wake" and driver William Meriheina (Heina), Collin Champman, Denise McCluggage, Nikka Lauda and Aryton Senna ties to Indianapolis, also Senna Indy car test with Penske at Firebird, Grant King later years...also Ken Schrader at Indy, Phil Threshie and Gary Bettenhausen story from 1979 (nitrous), Wikipedia, Dick Rathmann, what race to visit if we had a time machine.

Fri. 5-8-2015: Six wheeled cars - Pat Clancy Special, slowest qualifier starting in the second row (1912), 1957 time trials, 1955 pole day, Fred Agabashian (includes 1960 pole day, and his real first name Levon), Raul Riganti, origin of the title Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Mary F. Hulman ("pig in a poke"), history of the starting command.

Sat. 5-9-2015: [Grand Prix post-race show]

Sun. 5-10-2015: No show (Mothers' Day)

Mon. 5-11-2015: Ernie McCoy, Jonathan Byrd entries (includes 1991 Gordon Johncock story), short track drivers, the "talent and diversity" of the 1967 starting lineup (includes Jochen Rindt and Lorenzo Bandini), Jimmy Caruthers (includes USAC midget 1970 airplane story with Dave Strickland), Dempsey Wilson, Jerry Hoyt crew member discussion, Howard Moore.

Tue. 5-12-2015: Discussion abotu car with autographs to the museum, getting back to the days of bumping and a lot of cars, Eddie Cheever fastest lap in 1996 race, Tom Sneva, 16th Street Speedway, engine leases, Jim Travers and Frank Coon, throwback program cover, flagmen and starters, the newer 16th Street Speedway, Donald's favorite decade, Sheldon Kinser, last year of bumping...2011.

Wed. 5-13-2015: Stutz White Squadron car car from 1913-1915...includes 1913 fire (3rd place) and Howdy Wilcox diamond story, gambling at the Speedway, Frank Elliott, Bob Wente, drivers that became television/radio broadcast analysts, Frank Fiore...includes 1971 Denny Zimmerman effort, history of the infield hospital.

Thu. 5-14-2015: Micky Rupp, Andy Hillenberg visit, cars that have won the race more than once (even with different drivers), Bryan Clausen and other drivers in other races the night before...including the "24 Hour rule", how many times has the track been paved, how are the bricks kept during the repavings, Henry Banks...including Donald's trip around the world, Aldo Andretti standing in for Mario in 1969 photo, Pat Vidan, John Andretti as radio analyst.

Fri. 5-15-2015: Actual color of the "Pink Zinks" (Tropical Rose), race qualifier that served on the radio network (Mike Hiss in 1978), story about someone asking Donald for answers to a trivia contest in the 1970s, the infield over the years...including rowdy Snake Pit years, the old bathrooms, 1973 Lou Palmer/Donald Davidson WIBC radio clip on Youtube, Art Pollard...incoudes 1972 Michigan Twins television booth story, Steve Laythrop and Racing Associates, admission cost in early years, Studebaker at Indianapolis, Pat Vidan follow up. [From Trackside] Discussion about grandstand improvements and the history of the main entrance.

Sat. 5-16-2015: [Time trials coverage show] History of qualifying rules and procedures, Bobby Unser hit a bird while qualifying, rain during 1974 and 1968 time trials, old scoring method of men with numbers on their backs, old days clocking speeds during practice, 1967 first year for public address during practice, 2005 time trials 11/11/11 rainout, discussion about using old aerokits, Luke Walton, accolades, the Jigger Sorios story...again, 1971 the first year to allow the qualifying draw to extend over multiple days, 1965 first year for qualifying draw, possibility of a sports car endurance race at the Speedway, popular dirt tracks in the area, Duane Sweeney, more ovals on the IndyCar schedule, Milwaukee Mile, qualified drivers replaced on race day due to an illness, Crafordsville banner, origial trees on the property, the tress that were in infield of turn four and north of the pits, scoring pylon, Jim Clark and Graham Hill troubles in 1967, Pat Vidan flagging from the track surface, new starter's stand in 1974, cars that ran in the most races, Lindley Bothwell's car from Art Klein (claimed to be 1916 winner), 1911 Ray Harroun and Ralph Mulford scoring controversey, Jackie Stewart an honorary member of the Indiana State Police, is 2015 first year with drivers from Indianapolis, Monaco, and Le Mans, last row qualifying question, vintage cars, longest rain delay, Australian drivers in the 500, most different drivers to make a qualifying attempt, 1953 Bill Vukovich qualifying in the rain, 1923 Howdy Wilcox qualifying in the rain, has a car ever failed post-race technical inspection, Bobby Unser interview with Paul Page on IMSRN.

Sun. 5-17-2015: [Time trials]

Mon. 5-18-2015: Activites going on at the museum (Jim Clark and Dan Gurney lectures and autograph sessions), vintaeg cars, Art Sparks...includes 1930s engine rules and superchargers...Sparks Special, Chuck Weyant, most talented last row, 1980 last row, Lou Moore using nitrous?, using different fuel during qualifying and the race, follow ups, riding mechanics, Al Unser Jr. in 1992 helmet tether, Carl Hungness, James Hincliffe on radio.

Tue. 5-19-2015: 500 Oldtimers' Club, Gurney Eagle question, follow-up on museum lectures, trophies from the early years, Borg-Warner Trophy, follow up on Art Sparks, Methodist Hospital ties to the 500, track medical facility, last front engine roadster to make a qualifying attempt.

Wed. 5-20-2015: Purdue University All-American Band at Indy, Dinah Shore singing "Back Home Again in Indiana", other performances of "Back Home Again in Indiana" includign 1986, 1919, 1979, etc., Bob DeBisschop, classic audio from 1969 Indy time trials with Sid Collins, old timing and scoring, Mario Andretti and how he got into Formula One, etc., follow-up on "Back Home Again in Indiana", Carl Williams, classic audio from 1973 pole day with Lou Palmer and Donald Davidson, Bud Tinglestad, David Letterman.

Thu. 5-21-2015: [E-mail/Twitter only show] 1996 Scott Brayton pole position run, unlimited boost and nitrous during qualifying, Mario Andretti's 2003 flip crash, Masten Gregory and the 250 LM, rookie testing and the history of the Rookie Orientation Program (ROP), Tony Kinnington (riding mechanic), 1981 ABC-TV post race commentary controversy, 1982 "haze" in turn 3, Rudolf Caracciola and other German drivers in the 500, Dick Frazier, book recommendations, Nelson Piquet at Indy, Clermont Indiana connections to the 500, Robert Arbuthnot.

Fri. 5-22-2015: No show (Carb Night Burger Bash)

Sat. 5-23-2015: No show (Night Before the 500 programming) Reruns of "The 500 in 60" and "Heroes of the 500".

Sun. 5-24-2015: [Post-race drive home show] Driver press conference (Power, Kimball Rahal), general race discussion, lap leaders, observations, Honda, longest gap for two-time winner, Montoya career discussion, press conference (Montoya, Penske, etc.), Montoya follow-ups, Chevrolet, drivers that refused to drink the milk (includes Bobby Unser in 1981), general discussions, closest 1-2-3-4 finish, james Hincliffe, Greg Rakestraw watching the 500 during the blackout, rookie of the year voting, Montoya interview, 33rd place money, 33rd finishers with 0 laps (includes Jerry and Johnny Unser), attendance estimates, 1973 race rainout, all-time lap leaders standings, best battle between teammates, Montoya won with both Ganassi and Penske, statistical notes (winning car numbers, etc.), Ryan Briscoe, Hinchcliffe fill-in drivers, follow up on 1997 race (five cars with 0 laps completed), end of the Month of May accolades and other thanks, Will Power's comment about getting the cars "back into the drivers' hands".

Brickyard 400 week

Mon. 7-20-2015:

Tue. 7-21-2015:

Wed. 7-22-2015:

Thu. 7-23-2015:

Fri. 7-24-2015:

One on One With Mark Montieth (Indy-related)

  • 5-10-2009: Donald Davidson
  • 5-17-2009: Tom Carnegie
  • 5-16-2010: Parnelli Jones
  • 5-23-2010: Johnny Rutherford
  • 6-13-2010: Rick Mears
  • 2-20-2011: Remembering Tom Carnegie
  • 5-1-2011: Robin Miller (part 1)
  • 5-8-2011: Bobby Unser (part 1)
  • 5-15-2011: Bobby Unser (part 2)
  • 5-22-2011: Dr. Richard Bennett
  • 6-1-2011: Donald Davidson (rerun)
  • 6-5-2011: Al Unser, Jr. (part 1)
  • 6-12-2011: Al Unser, Jr. (part 2)
  • 8-21-2011: Robin Miller (part 2)
  • 5-13-2012: Chuck Weyant
  • 5-20-2012: Sam Schmidt
  • 6-3-2012: Jigger Sirois
  • 5-5-2013: Ed Carpenter
  • 5-12-2013: Bob Harkey
  • 6-2-2013: Mario Andretti (part 1)
  • 6-9-2013: Mario Andretti (part 2)
  • 6-29-2013: Parnelli Jones
  • 10-27-2013: Al Unser, Jr.
  • 5-14-2014: Paul Page

The Centennial Celebration (2011)

Narrated by Kevin Lee, Scott Johnston, Matt Hicks, R.J. Crace, Mark Montieth

  • Episode 1 - Introduction, Carl Fisher, construction of the track & 1909-1910 race, the 1911 race
  • Episode 2 - 1912-1941, Early owners, Eddie Rickenbacker, Borg-Warner Trophy
  • Episode 3 - Post WWII (1946-1949) and the 1950s, stars of the 50s, cars of the 50s
  • Episode 4 - The 1960s, Donald Davidson, British Invasion/car changes, Mario Andretti
  • Episode 5 - The 1970s, celebrities at Indy, pre-race ceremonies, A.J. Foyt
  • Episode 6 - The 1980s, Johnny Rutherford, Paul Page, Unser family
  • Episode 7 - The 1990s, IRL and the "Split", Bob Jenkins, Rick Mears
  • Episode 8 - The 2000s, current drivers, Mike King, female drivers
  • Episode 9 - Tom Carnegie, ABC-TV, Sid Collins
  • Episode 10 - Closest finishes, Car owners, Town of Speedway, Fans

The History of the 500 (2012)

Narrated by Steve Simpson & Kevin Lee
  • Episode 1 - Introduction, Carl Fisher, construction of the track & 1909-1910 race, the 1911 race
  • Episode 2 - 1912-1941 races, changes/establishments in the early years, Early owners, Eddie Rickenbacker, Indy traditions
  • Episode 3 - Post WWII (1946-1949) and the 1950s, Tony Hulman, stars of the 50s, Tom Carnegie
  • Episode 4 - The 1960s, Donald Davidson, British Invasion/car changes, Mario Andretti
  • Episode 5 - The 1970s, female drivers, Sid Collins, celebrities at Indy
  • Episode 6 - The 1980s, ABC-TV, Paul Page, Johnny Rutherford
  • Episode 7 - The 1990s, the Split, Bob Jenkins, F1 drivers at Indy
  • Episode 8 - The 2000s, Dan Wheldon, Mike King, current drivers
  • Episode 9 - The 1982 and 1992 races
  • Episode 10 - A.J. Foyt, Al Unser, Rick Mears, Roger Penske

It seems that episodes 1-8 and 10 are pretty much the same from the 2011 episodes, with the opening monologues re-recorded to remove references to "centennial." They also swapped around a few of the 'bonus' segments to different episodes, and a few of the segments are replaced. But Episode 9 appears to be brand new.

The History of the 500 (2013)

Narrated by Steve Simpson
  • Episode 1 - Introduction, Carl Fisher, construction of the track & 1909-1910 race, the 1911 race
  • Episode 2 - 1912-1941s
  • Episode 3 - Post WWII (1946-1949) and the 1950s
  • Episode 4 - The 1960s, Donald Davidson, British Invasion/car changes, Mario Andretti
  • Episode 5 - The 1970s, the 1973 race, Johnny Rutherford, celebrities at Indy
  • Episode 6 - The 1980s, ABC-TV, Car owners, Unser family
  • Episode 7 - The 1990s, the Split, Rick Mears, F1 drivers at Indy
  • Episode 8 - The 2000s, Dan Wheldon, female drivers, Tom Carnegie
  • Episode 9 - Sid Collins, Paul Page, Bob Jenkins, Mike King
  • Episode 10 - "Mythbusters", dispelling urban legends of 500 history
  • Episode 11 - Bob Sweikert, Troy Ruttman, Jimmy Bryan, Bill Vukovich
  • Episode 12 - Parnelli Jones
  • Episode 13 - A.J. Foyt
  • Episode 14 - The 1953 radio broadcast
  • Episode 15 - Bobby Unser

Episodes 1-9 are mostly the same from previous years. Episodes 10-15 are brand new.

Heroes of the 500 (2014)

Narrated by Steve Simpson

  • Episode 1: "Family Ties"
    Family participation at the Indy 500. Including the Andretti family, Unser family, father and sons, the Vukovich family, the Bettenhausen family, brothers, Dick and Jim Rathmann, other selected family participation.

  • Episode 2: "A Conversation with Paul Page"
    Celebrating Paul Page's return to radio as the "Voice of the 500"

  • Episode 3: "Four Time Winners"
    The Indianapolis 500 careers of A.J. Foyt, Al Unser Sr., and Rick Mears

  • Episode 4: The 1954 Radio Broadcast
    The original 1954 Indianapolis Motor Speedway Radio Network broadcast is recovered "from the vault," celebrating sixty years since its original airing.

  • Episode 5: The 1964 race
    Highlights from the 1964 race, honoring the fiftieth anniversary.

    Heroes of the 500 (2015)

    Narrated by Stan Lehr

  • Episode 1: "Second to One"
    The second place finishers of Indy history. Featuring Ralph Mulford, Harry Hartz, Earl DeVore/Norman Batten, Howdy Wilcox II, Ted Horn, Rex Mays, Tony Bettenhausen, George Amick, Eddie Sachs, Dan Gurney, Roberto Guerrero, Kevin Cogan, Michael Andretti, Marco Andretti, Scott Goodyear, J.R. Hildebrand. The book "Second to One."

  • Episode 2: "One Moment in May"
    Famous moments in Indy history. Featuring Danny Sullivan's 'Spin-and-Win' in 1985, the 1991 duel between Rick Mears and Michael Andretti, Scott Goodyear passes the pace car in 1995, J.R. Hildbrand in 2011.

  • Episode 3: "Racings's Rated Rookies"
    Great rookies in Indy history. Featuring Ray Harroun, Jules Goux, Rene Thomas, Frank Lockhart, George Souders, Juan Pablo Montoya, Helio Castroneves, Danica Patrick, Nigel Mansell, Tim Richmond, Teo Fabi, Jim Hurtubise, rookies that did not complete a lap, Bobby Unser, Parnelli Jones, Mario Andretti, Sage Karam.

  • Episode 4: "Beyond the Bricks"
    Roundtable conversation about Indy history with Mike Thomsen, Robin Miller, Steve Shunck, and Bob Gates.

  • Episode 5: "The Al Unser Story"
    The Indianapolis 500 career of Al Unser Sr.